Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wednesday Wonderings (11) - What is a good review?

Happy Wednesday!

Today I would like to write about reviews. As you might know I have a survey and giveaway running at the moment and I took some time today to read the responses I have received so far. First of all, I would love to say big big thank you to all the people who have filled it! So, while reading your responses (78 so far), I got many thoughts about reviews.

What makes a review to a very good review is my question today?

I read book reviews very often and therefore I would love to give you some ideas what I enjoy. I love when reviews are thorough and detailed, because it gives me an understanding if the reader enjoyed the reviewed book.

I am not talking about the rating, but about the way the reader is describing the reading experience. I believe, that HOW the review is written shows much more than the rating. If the review is captivating and written with some kind of emotion, then I am more likely to read the book. When I say emotion, I do not mean ugly words or stupid and angry statements, but the fact itself, what kind of feelings did the book raise in the reader. I consider that interesting.

I personally love detailed reviews and I do not mind if the details of the review have spoilers in it. I am little different from the people who have answered my survey - I like spoilers, at least some spoilers  which will intrigue me and catch my interest. Many readers dislike spoilers, but my curiosity definitely increases when I can get some information about something interesting about the book. P.S. Detailed for me does not mean that the review contains all the story and also the ending! :)

Review should contain brief overview of the plot and story.

That is a must for me when I read reviews. If there is no information about the plot, then I am probably not reading the review to its end. The reason to read reviews for me is to get besides the likes and dislikes also some information about the book. I want to know what the main storyline is before I make the decision if I want to read the book or not. Only rating does not mean anything, these are only numbers to me.

Characters are important!

I truly enjoy reading reviews which also describe the main characters. I believe that characters can make a very good plot into an average reading and can make an average plot into fascinating reading.

Last, but not least, I would love to see some kind of summing up in the review.

I guess that the above mentioned things are also the reason the way I write reviews.

So, what do you think? What makes a review to a very good review for you? What would you like to see in a review when you read it? Let me know and I do understand that you might have different opinions and it is absolutely fine! :)

Happy reading!


  1. Thanks for this post. I love these blogs posts that keep it open for a discussion. I've been trying to improve my reviews and any bits of advice help. Definitely appreciate it!

    1. Hi Cassandra,

      Thank you. What do you include in your reviews?

      Thanks for coming by and commenting.


  2. I don't like reading reviews that are too detailed. I always try to keep my reviews between 200 and 300 and give a little summary from my point of view. I talk about characters and what I liked about them, usually only if they were already mentioned in the book's blurb.

    Basically, I want to influence whether people read a story but I don't want to lay it all out for them. When a review gives too much I feel like it just takes away from the excitement when I do get a chance to read the book.

    1. Hi Candance,
      I agree with you on the point that review should not give everything away. Do you mean 200-300 words or characters?

      Thanks for coming by and commenting!


  3. I am always eager to discuss reviewing as I try to review each book that I read and I am influenced to read a book based on reviews. I appreciate when a reviewer gives their blurb on the book (lets face it sometimes the publisher blurbs don't give us enough or they give the wrong impression), I like a quick bit about how they felt about the book over all, and then I like a break down of what they thought of the plot, the characters, the pacing, or anything else that stood out like points of view or if it ends on a cliff hanger. If the book is disappointing or wonderful, I like to know exactly why because I might or might now find that a reason for not liking or liking the book.

    Thanks for asking our opinion. Glad to learn your opinion too.