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Moon Over Alcatraz by Patricia Yager Delagrange - book spotlight and review

Welcome to my stop at Moon Over Alcatraz Blog Tour. this tour is organized by Sizzling PR and by the author Patricia Yager Delagrange. My stop includes information about the book and author, a book excerpt and a review. Enjoy!

Moon Over Alcatraz Summary:

Following the death of their baby during a difficult birth, Brandy and Weston Chambers are grief-stricken and withdraw from each other, both seeking solace outside of their marriage; however, they vow to work through their painful disloyalty.  But when the man Brandy slept with moves back to their hometown, three lives are forever changed by his return.

Author Bio:

Fascinated by broken-hearted couples and atypical families, Patricia weaves engaging tales of men and women who create cohesive families where love reigns supreme.  She sprinkles her books with intriguing characters who struggle to find balance in life after tragedy.  Whether an unwed teenager, desperate widow, abandoned father, or a couple who stray from their marital vows, her characters form relationships impacted by their desire to create a family
Aside from writing, her favorite things to do include riding her Friesian horse, Maximus, dot-to-dot for adults, and watching Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington movies. She spends a majority of her days writing while her two very large Chocolate Labs lounge on the couch cuddled next to her and her MacBook.

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Three days later we were standing at the edge of a hole in the ground at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery in Hayward, the silence so thick, the insides of my ears buzzed like a distant swarm of angry bees. Mr. Peralta and another gentleman stood off to the side while Weston and I held hands next to the tiny casket.

Weston had chosen a simple mahogany box with gold handles, a bouquet of white lilies graced the top of the small box. I knelt down and laid a kiss on the smooth wood then wiped off the tears that had fallen on the wood. Weston joined me and placed a single red rose in the middle of the lilies.

He helped me up and we stood side-by-side in silence, my guilt over her death like a stone in my empty belly. I missed everything I’d dreamed would be happening right now, yearned for all that could have been.

Weston nodded at the man standing next to Mr. Peralta and our baby was slowly lowered into the gaping maw. She reached the bottom, and a bird landed on the rich brown dirt piled next to the grave. It pecked around, chirping a little song, then flew off - as if saying goodbye. My heart squeezed inside my chest.

I picked up a small handful of soft dirt. “Goodbye, Christine,” I whispered, throwing it on top of her casket.

Weston wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me in close to his side. Why her? Why my baby? Was this supposed to make sense? And, if so, to whom?

We drove home in silence. No words existed to express my grief.

My review:  
Moon Over Alcatraz by Patricia Yager Delagrange was an emotional story to read.
It's heartbreaking story about a couple who lose their baby. The emotions and pain what the main characters go through is well written and captivating. It's a sad story where both have difficulties with dealing with loss and pain and how their journey takes them to third parts with the search for understanding, love and closure.
Moon Over Alcatraz was well written, easy to read and painful. I cried and laughed when reading it. Patricia has created a very real situation where the characters seemed like real people and I loved that about the book. It could happen to anybody.
Moon Over Alcatraz is a story about loss, pain, love and hope. Loved it!
5 Flowers!

5 stars.

Happy reading!

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  1. That excerpt and the blurb got me interested. This is a hard topic for so many people.

    Thanks for sharing the post!