Sunday, March 18, 2012

In My Mailbox (22)

Happy Sunday!

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren. Each week I will post books (or book-related things) that I've bought, won in contests, or received in the mail.

First of all, before we go to the books, I got couple of cute book related envelops in my mailbox, and these surprises came on the same day!
I got a Thank you note from authors C.A. Kunz for participating in The Childe Blog Tour. The card was so awesome,  Ijust had to share these with you. Everything, starting from the envelope to the things which we inside the envelope was simply so sweet.
First the envelope!

And then the content!

I loved it!!!!! I think C.A. Kunz are the most creative authors I have met. Think, what a big work it is to send these kind of notes for bloggers. I think it was well thought through from the cat and a smiley on the envelope until the Boo and my blog's logo inside the card. I think it was amazing!

Then the content of the next envelope was so sweet. It came from Nurture Your BOOKS Tourz. I think it is a welcoming package for the new bloggers who are participating in their tours. Again, I think it is such a wonderful idea and it definitely made my day! I got handmade ribbon bookmark, business cards and a fridge magnet with Nuture Your BOOKs contacts. Thank you so much!

Us bloggers do quite a lot for the authors and tour organizers and I think it is so lovely that sometimes we are appreciated like that. Thank you!

OK, now to the books.

Books I have received for reviewing:

This book is planned for May.

This book is planned for May.

This book is planned for June.

This book is planned for May.

There are two books in the series, first is planned to April and the other to May.

There are some paperbacks (6 as far as I can recall) which are on its way to my mailbox, but my guess is that these will be included to next week already!

Happy reading!



  1. Awww that's so cool! And those books look great! I hope you enjoy everything you got :)

    Here's my IMM!

  2. What a sweet thank you package! and great stack of books, enjoy :)

  3. Ooooh! Looks like you got some yummy books this week!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great set! Love the Thank you note. How nice of the author.
    My IMM

  5. That is a sweet card and bundle! Those are fun surprises to get.

    Lots of books there and i have not heard of them. Enjoy your reading and tell us what they are about!

  6. Aw, that's absolutely sweet and too cute. I love those kinds of surprises from author' never know what you're expecting, plus it shows how much they appreciate the bloggers and what they do. :)

    Suz @ A Soul Unsung
    My In My Mailbox!