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Generation Blog Tour by William Knight - 5 star Review!

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Welcome to my stop at the Generation Blog Tour! This tour is organized by Novel Publicity and by the author William Knight. My stop includes some information about the Generation, about the author, review of the book and some tour notes.

Let's start with the review!

Author: William Knight

Title: Generation
Release date: 18th of March 2012
Published by: Standing Hare
Reading level: FICTION – Adult: Crime, Thriller, Horror
Pages: 288 pages in eBook
Source: Received from the Novel Publicity and the author for reviewing

Summary of Generation:

A crime-thriller with an injection of horror.

The facts behind the fiction.

In 2001 scientists isolated the gene for regenerating damaged organs from the DNA of a South American flatworm. Within five years it had been spliced into the chromosomes of a rhesus monkey, transported through the cell walls by a retro-virus denuded of its own genetic material.

Attempting to regrow impaired or elderly tissues, a scientist will one day modify the DNA of human beings by injecting the gene-carrying virus. It is just a matter of time.

Before consenting to treatment, you may want to ask a simple question: could there be a situation in which you would want to die but were unable to do so?

Journalist Hendrix 'Aitch' Harrison links bodies stolen from a renowned forensic-research lab to an influential drug company.

Aided by Sarah Wallace, a determined and beguiling entomologist, he delves into a grisly world of clinical trials and a viral treatment beyond imagining.

But Aitch must battle more than his fear of technology to expose the macabre fate of the drugged victims donated to scientific research.

My review:

When I saw the cover of Generation by William Knight, I was intrigued. After reading the blurb of Generation, I was sure I wanted to read it. I am glad that I did.

Generation is a book where crime, thriller and horror are nicely combined and well written. It was not the easiest book to read for me, but I have to say, that I enjoyed it more than I expected. I have a very strong opinion of reanimation, regeneration, cloning and similar other topics, so I wasn't sure how I would react to Generation. I loved it! I was spooked, entertained and what was most important, it made me think and reconsider some of my previous thoughts about the topic.

Regarding the plot:

The beginning of the book was eye and mind catching and so was the rest of the book. The reader meets journalist Hendrix "Aitch" Harrison who starts to investigate a hunch of a story and end of with quite horrifying results of what science and technology can do to humans. As the story develops he is helped by Sarah Wallace and both of them will have to take journey which is both unbelievable and captivating and last, but not least scary.

The brilliant idea behind the plot was little unconventional. the author did not ask if it is good or bad to use science and technology on humans for testing, but more, that if it is done and a person would finally like to die, but cannot, then what? What are the consequences of scientific immortality? Very scary statement, but very interesting in the same time. It was also unconventional  because there are so many book in the world which deal with immortality and its benefits, but Generation was a very refreshing reading amongst the usual trend.

Regarding the characters:

I liked Aitch! Since there are not so many people who are resistant to technology and its rapid developments, I found him interesting from the very beginning. I think the author did a wonderful job with this specific character and brought some very human characteristics into him. He was likable and seemed very real.

Sarah was in a way a total opposite of Aitch. she felt like a fish in a water when at least talking about science and technology. These two characters also supported each other in many levels and many aspects.


Generation by William Knight was an unconventional a refreshing read about immortality. It was well written, the plot was intriguing and captivating1 Definitely a must read for thriller lovers!

5 Flowers!
5 stars.

Novel Publicity Blog Tour Notes:

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About the author:

William Knight is a British born journalist and technologist currently living and working in Wellington, New Zealand. He's chased a varying career starting in acting, progressing to music, enjoyed a brief flirtation with handbag manufacturing and was eventually wired into technology where he's been since 1989. In 2003 he published his first feature in Computing magazine and has since written about the many successes and failings of high-tech for the Guardian, Financial Times and the BBC among many others publications. He continues to maintain a lively IT consultancy. Connect with William on his website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or GoodReads.

Thanks goes to Novel Publicity and William Knight for providing me with the review copy!

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  1. 5 castles? 5?! Wow, I'm so glad you connected with Generation. It sounds like you really enjoyed the story and the meaning behind it. I consider that a double win. Yeah! Thanks for being a part of this tour, and than you for cross-posting your review across the interwebz :-D


    1. Thanks, Emlyn, for coming by!

      Hehehee, yes, 5 castles is maximum what an author can get here at Me and Reading! :)

      it was a very good book!

  2. That does sound like an interesting concept to read about. I'm glad that it is fiction.

    Thanks for sharing your review!

  3. Great review. I too liked the contrast between the two main characters. They do make quite a team and I am looking forward to the sequel a herb wee get to know them both a little more.

  4. I'm just leaving a note here to be considered for the $50 Amazon gift card in the William Knight blog tour for his novel Generation. Thanks!