Friday, February 3, 2012

Spread Love, Not Hate!

Spread <3, Not Hate is a blog hop hosted by authors K.M Parr and K.C. Neal and there are lots of blogs participating. To visit other blogs, visit this link:

Spread <3, Not Hate - the sentence should be speaking for itself, but there is a lot of hate, envy, nasty behaviour in the world. I do realize, that this blog hop cannot make a huge change in the world, but it does help to spread the word. One step at the time and I do believe that everyone in the world have a choice to change!

The idea of this blog hop raised because one of the authors was bullied just because she is successful. What a shame! Instead of creating something something, people try to destroy.

My post today is about choice. Your choice...

I once read a autobiographical book, which was about a person who has been tortured - in the worst and non-imaginable ways. He said, and I do not recall the exact words, but the idea was following - They can take everything from me, except my dignity and my freedom of choice.

People, you do have a choice - at least when it comes to the choice of having dignity, choice of being lovable or hateful. It's your choice to choose the words you are saying, it's your choice to choose the way you act or react. It's your choice to use both your brains and hearts which were given to you by nature for a reason. And that reason is definitely not for being hateful! It's to think and to live and love.

Have I ever met bullying or hateful behavior directly towards me? Luckily I can say, that no, I haven't. At least I haven't felt it visibly.  I have been harassed by phone which was very disturbing, I have met envy, I have felt how hard hateful words can hit you, I have seen what hatred can do to a person.

I am not talking about that all the people in the world should hold hands and sing Cumbajaa together. (Even though i find it's a quite cool idea for the Guinness records!) I am talking about that you are the person who decide what to choose. Think and then act or react! Choose love, not hate!

With lots of love to all of you,


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