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Review of The Baffled Beatlemaniac Caper by Sally Carpenter - 5 stars!

Author: Sally Carpenter

Title: The Baffled Beatlemaniac Caper
Series: A Sandy Fairfax Teen Idol Mystery
Release date: 28th of August 2011
Published by: Oak Tree Publishing
Reading level: FICTION – Adult: Mystery
URL: http://www.oaktreebooks.com/Shop%20OTP.htm#Beatle
Pages: 226 pages in eBook
Source: Received from the publisher and author for reviewing

Summary from Goodreads:

“I’m not a detective! I just played one on television!” Get ready to swoon over a new kind of amateur sleuth! From 1975-79 teen idol Sandy Fairfax recorded 10 gold albums and starred in the hit TV series Buddy Brave, Boy Sleuth. Now he’s a 38-year-old recovering alcoholic, forgotten and desperate for a comeback. An easy gig—a guest appearance at a Beatles fan convention in Evansville, Ind.—turns deadly after a member of the Mersey Marvels tribute band is shot. When police suspect Sandy, and he fills in for the dead musician at a concert, the schoolboy shamus is back in action to find the killer.

I received The Baffled Beatlemaniac Caper from the publisher for reviewing already couple of months ago and have been quite late with my review. After finishing the book, I can only say that I am sorry I did not read it any earlier. It was so much fun to read this book!

My review:

If you want to read something which is entertaining, fun and has a good suspense story combined with Beatles music and good characters then The Baffled Beatlemaniac Caper is definitely for you! Sally Carpenter’s book is well-written, humorous, and original and it is easy to read! I really enjoyed it!

Regarding the plot:

Meet Sandy Fairfax: Sandy is 38 years old man who used to be a pop-star and an idol for young fans for many years ago and who has been on the road of deterioration for a while. Since he needs some work he is accepting the offer from his manager to attend a Beatles convention as a guest speaker.

When he arrives, then everything is different than Sandy is used to – no limo to pick him up, no suite in the hotel, except the fact that he is still recognized and he still has a fan base. During the fan convention Sandy is ending up in the middle of the murder case and all the clues which are left behind are related to Beatles and their songs. In order to make sure that he is not accused as a murderer, he is using his knowledge from the TV-series he starred – Buddy Brave, Boy Sleuth – to solve the mystery.

I loved several aspects in the story. Firstly, I was fascinated by the details of fan convention. I have never ever attended at a fan convention and the spirit and the world of being a fan was very much fun to read about. How the characters know the details of their object of admiration, how they would choose no means to get a fan item – all that was put neatly to the paper by the author!

Secondly, the dialogue was very vivid between the characters! Besides that, the inner world of Sandy was very captivating; I really enjoyed reading the book from his point of view. Thirdly, I also loved how the author changed Sandy – he developed through the story in very positive way.

Regarding the characters:

I liked Sandy because he started out as a middle-aged degraded pop-star with alcohol issues into the person he once was – person who loves music and loves creating and making music. He also grew as a person inwardly from being arrogant into a man who actually has nice personality.

Bunny was annoyingly lovable. She was so into Sandy Fairfax that sometimes it seemed like harassment. She was smart and so keen to make sure that her idol Sandy was pleased. It was in one way very adorable and the other way also little too much.

The other supportive characters were interesting and believable which also shows that author has thought through the stories of even the smallest and less important people in the book: the hotel manager, band members, police detective – they were all well-written.


The Baffled Beatlemaniac Caper was very entertaining and good book! It’s a book which makes you laugh and smile and creates a lot of positive emotions for the reader. Even though there is a murder story in the novel, it still offers a very positive atmosphere and that is exactly the reason why this book gets a very good evaluation from me! Read it!

5 Flowers!
5 stars.

Thanks goes to Oak Tree Press and to Sally Carpenter for providing me with Sally's book!
Happy reading!

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  1. As a Beatles fan as soon as I saw this post in my RSS feed I had to read it and add the book to my wishlist. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out