Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Look Forwards (22)

Happy Monday!

I am so excited to share some news with you and also some information what this week will bring!


I just booked my tickets to New York City! I am going to Book Expo America 2012!!!!! I booked the tickets yesterday and I will spend in 14 days NYC. First week will go to BEA 2012 and second week to explore book stores in NYC! I am still working on finding sponsors to my trip and hopefully it will work out.

I will travel to NYC with a friend of mine who will work together with me for my blog during the BEA. I cannot wait!

Secondly, some other good news - my guest post will be published on the Romance at Random blog tomorrow, on the 17th! Go and take a look tomorrow at ! There will be another guest post there which is written by me, but it will be published in the beginning of February.


There are two giveaway hops happening now: I just posted Reader Rally giveaway hop which will start tomorrow and Dreaming of Books giveaway hop which is continuing until midnight of 18th of January,

Besides that The Fever and The Fury ebook giveaway runs until 31st of January.

Blog tours:

I am looking very much forward to The Childe blog tour by C.A. Kunz. My first post during the tour is going to be on Friday where I will post my review of The Childe. I can tell you already now that I loved the book!

Besides all the above, I will try to post several reviews which I need to finish. I have read 12 books this year, so I need to write 7 reviews :)

Enjoy the week and happy reading!


  1. Hi Inga! WOW, you're going to NY!!!!!! Congrats on going to the book expo and then all the great bookshops you're going to visit!!!!!SOOOO happy for you and wishing you an amazing trip that is fun, safe, and adventurous :) Praying that you'll be able to get enough sponsors to cover the trip as well, have a WONDERFUL time and thanks for sharing!

  2. Yay for you! NYC here you come. And way to go getting to guest blog.