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An Unexpected Bride Blog Tour - Interview with the author Shadonna Richards

Welcome to my stop of An Unexpected Bride Blog Tour! This blog tour is organized by The Bookish Snob Promotions and by the author Shadonna Richards. The tour started on the 20th of September and will last until the 30th of September. My stop will include author interview with Shadonna Richards, some information about the book and about the author. Have fun!

Summary from Goodreads:

Emma Wiggins is about to marry her heart-stopping, gorgeous boss, CEO Evan Fletcher, in seven days—too bad he doesn’t know it yet!

Desperate to fulfill her ailing grandfather’s last wish to see her settle down and get married, Emma Wiggins, a 30-year-old, career-focused executive tells him a little white lie on his deathbed that she is in fact engaged--to her boss, deliciously handsome and emotionally unavailable, Evan Fletcher.

The situation takes an unexpected turn when her grandfather's condition improves slightly and to her shock, he goes ahead and arranges a wedding ceremony at his hospital bedside before he passes on. Now, all Emma has to do is convince unsuspecting, commitment-phobic Evan to tie the knot with her in seven days. Can love blossom in the most unlikely situation?

Sounds like fun, right?!

An Unexpected Bride is available:
Barnes and Noble

Author Bio:

Shadonna enjoys reading and writing about the magic of romance and the power of love. Winner of Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write - 2010 Day Two Challenge, she is a member of the Romance Writers of America. An Unexpected Bride is her first novel. She has her BA in Psychology and lives in Canada. You can visit her at www.shadonnarichards.blogspot.com or send her an e-mail at Shadonna (at) ymail (dot) com

Interview with Shadonna Richards:

I am glad to say, that the author of An Unexpected Bride, Shadonna Richards, took time for answering my questions for an interview! Thank you so much for that, Shadonna!

Now, ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the author, Shadonna Richards!

Even though this is your first novel, you have other published books. Would you briefly give us an overview of your published books and what are these about?
Thanks so much for having me on your wonderful blog. My other published books, A Gift of Hope and Think & Be Happy: 365 Empowering Thoughts to Lift Your Spirit, are inspirational non-fiction. I collect motivational quotes and I have a degree in Psychology so I’ve always been fascinated with human motivation.

What went through your mind when the first book you wrote was published?
I count my blessings everyday and I wanted to share stories with others about hope.

How do you write? Do you sketch a plot first, create characters first and then starting to write?
I sketch a detailed plot, research my settings and other details of the novel and I do a character profile but not necessarily in that order.

What do you think is the most important thing while writing?
Enjoy what you are doing.

Where did you get the idea for An Unexpected Bride from? How was the book born?
I witnessed a beautiful wedding at the hospital. A patient was too ill to attend his daughter’s wedding so she bought it to the hospital so that he could be a part of the celebration. I thought it was so touching and a great show of the power of love. Of course, the story is about another patient wishing it was their grandchild getting married and the pressure for that grandchild to make their dying grandfather happy. Of course, the characters are figments of my imagination.

Which character do you love most in your novel? Which character can you mostly relate to?
Emma, I think it’s so sweet that she is willing to go the distance for her family.

I must ask you about your new book to be published. What will it be about? Anything you can tell us already?
Hmm, without revealing any spoilers, I’m working on book 2 of An Unexpected Bride. :)

Who is your favorite author? Too many to narrow it down.
What is your favorite book or series? The Bible is my favorite book.
What is your favorite song? I have several favorites.

What is your favorite color? Pink.
What is your favorite movie? The Ten Commandments
What is your favorite time of the day? Early morning.
What is your favorite weather? Sunny.

Thank you so much, Shadonna for coming by at my blog!

The next stop at the An Unexpected Bride blog tour is already tomorrow: Sept 28 at Hands And Home http://www.handsandhome.ca/ Keep following the tour, there is lots of fun to come!

Happy reading!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Me and Egypt, vol 1

Happy Monday, everybody!

As promised I will write several posts about my second trip to Egypt. This is the first of them.
Since I was travelling together with my sister, she has been so helpful to read the text through before I'm posting it. She is also helping me with remembering as many details as possible.

Happy reading!

I was so happy when me and my sister were finally reaching our destination - Sharm el Sheikh international airport. This time the travel was long, because we decided to come to Egypt as cheap as possible and since the direct flights start at the end of October, when flew through several countries. Our journey started on the 5th of September from Tallinn. We flew from Tallinn to Poland, Warsaw and after couple of hours of waiting continued to Vienna in Austria.

We had to spend almost the whole night in Vienna Airport, the final flight to Sharm el Sheikh departured at 05:50 am and that meant cold and uncomfortable waiting time in Vienna. No place to sleep except the chairs in the waiting hall. But we survived that, too!

Except the waiting time in Vienna the trip went well, no delays, nothing unpleasant. There was actually a curious event with me in the ladies room in Warsaw's airport. there was a lady who approached me. She was beautiful and according to her English accent I think she was from one of the African countries, or from Caribbean. She looked like female Masai warrior - tall, slim, with beautiful features. She just looked into my eyes and then something weird happened. Before I managed to react or do anything, she put her hands to my cheeks and said, spurring like a cat with her cute accent: "You are beautiful, my angel. Don't be afraid, my love. You know, what you have to do, just don't be scared of living your life." I was mildly said chocked. She kept going: "Don't be scared to be happy, you are meant to have a beautiful life." I was only able to mumble and ask her: "Where are you from?" I meant the country of her origin, but she smiled and answered: "I am from the heavens above, an angel, my love." She touched my face again, looked into my eyes and repeated: "Don't be afraid. You will have a beautiful life. Don't be scared to take the decision. Good things will be waiting for you, my love." Then she blessed me with the kiss to my forehead saying: "God loves you," and with the second she was gone. I was just standing there, thinking, did that just happened? I looked around to make sure if other women also saw what I just saw. It seemed, that they did, they had smiles on their faces. My next thought was, OK, she was high on something. Then I remembered her eyes and her eyes were clear as spring water. When I went back to my sister, I told her what happened and honestly, I think it was little funny that it happened on the weirdest place - on the ladies room in the airport! My sister was laughing and said that I shouldn't giving it too much meaning. I did. I knew that this trip will probably change my life. How, I had no idea, I just knew it's going to be fantastic trip! And it was.

Finally we got our visas in the airport and could pick up our luggage. The moment I stepped out from the air conditioned airport hall, the hot weather hit me directly in my face - it was so nice and dry! I think the temperature was around 36 degrees, it was very windy and the desert air made my mouth going dry as a sandpaper. I needed some water. I had already forgot how it felt - sun was so bright that it took my eyes a while to adjust, I didn't bring my sunglasses, and the air, the smell of the desert air - it was wonderful!

We stood there for a second or two and then I saw him. He was here! I felt that my heart skipped couple of beats and then went dancing tango - I suddenly forgot everything about the tiresome trip and the hot weather, even my sister! I had only eyes for him. My legs went limp - I have been waiting for that moment for months now! How I've missed his eyes and his smile. I was suddenly nervous. Very nervous... until the moment he reached me and gave me a warm hug and a kiss to my cheek. It felt so good. It was like coming home, to my heart.

After the first welcomes and greetings and talks about the trip, our transportation arrived. Our friends helped us with our luggage and then 20 minutes of drive to our home for the next 14 days started. I was excited! Radio played loudly Egyptian music, melodies that were so suitable for the familiar surroundings. It was so good to see the mountains of Sinai again and feel the hot and dry air of the desert in my nose. It really felt like coming home. Having my hand in his - I felt like teenager in love!

Our room was not ready yet when we arrived to Delta Sharm. We sat in a hall of another room and waited. It was then when I felt how tired I really am. I needed a shower and a bed to sleep in, I haven't got many hours of sleep in Vienna airport. It was only 11 am but it felt like late in the evening. I wanted to change my clothes to something more suitable for 35 degrees. We sat together with him, both impatient to get some time of our own, away from others.

I met him during my first trip to Egypt in March. He was with me and my whole family almost 3 days in March. I liked him from the first moment I met him, he was friendly, smiling, had a good sense of humor and I especially liked his patience with me asking hundreds of questions about Islam and their way of living. He was open to talk about everything and I liked that very much. He was the favorite of our family. I really liked him, but it was right after my divorce, so I saw him as a friend back in March. He was also different from most men I met during my first trip to Egypt - he did not hit on you, he did not come out with lame sentences, he was polite and friendly, and that was something I enjoyed. No corny remarks about beautiful eyes. He even remembered my birthday during my stay and gave me a little present which really warmed my heart. I genuinely liked him. He took his time to find me Egyptian music, he knew a whole lot about history, religion and I adored his sense of humor.

Couple of months after the first trip we continued chatting and talking to each other - until the moment I understood that I was falling for him... badly. And now I was back and not only in Egypt, the country I have always found fascinating because of its history, but also to see him, spend some time with him and to find out if what I felt was really a real feeling.

Finally I saw our apartment, and I loved it! Nice bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom and a nice big balcony. Most of the furniture in red colors.

I was walking from room to room to get my first impressions. I loved it! I was also happy that there was air conditioning in the room. Then, before starting unpacking, I really needed to wash the travel dust off me. I felt like a new person after that. Next thought after the shower was bed - I needed to get some sleep and I already knew that due to the night of travelling, the first day will pass having a rest. I didn't mind that at all.

After several hours of sleep, it was time to unpack and explore the surroundings of the neighbourhood. The location of the apartment in Delta Sharm was very good. The swimming-pool was just one minute of walk away, two supermarkets within half a minutes of walk, taxi was always available. We had everything we needed! First our went to the supermarket to buy water and coffee to the apartment.

When there was a time for dinner, we enjoyed Egyptian food with chicken, lamb, rice and other local goodies. It was delicious! After dinner me and my sis walked a little. The air was wonderful, sun was already set and it was still very warm outside! We walked through the apartment area of Delta Sharm. Delta Sharm is located on a huge area, on the other side you have hotel with restaurants, shops, club and on the other side, were we lived, there were apartment buildings, no higher than two floors. There were lot of green areas, flowers - it was nice!

We walked around the closest pool area and to our big surprise there were people still swimming in it. Usually in Egypt i is not allowed to be in the pool after the sunset, but there were quite many families with kids inside the pool. These families were not tourists like me and my sister, but locals, Egyptians. Later I found out that during the whole first week of the trip, the biggest part of the guests in Delta Sharm were actually Egyptians. When I asked my friend about it, I found out, that Ramadan has just ended couple of days before our arrival and after Ramadan there is 3 days of festival and many Egyptians are visiting Sharm el Sheikh at that time and after that. Since the pool was the center for visitors during the daytime, I loved spending time there observing - I learned a lot about Egyptians exactly near by the pool.

To be continued.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I am back!

Hello everybody!

Instead of posting IMM today, I decided to give a short overview what I am planning to do in my blog during the coming days and weeks.

Firstly, I will write series of posts of my trip to Egypt. It has actually nothing to do with my blog, but it has influenced me as a person greatly. These posts will be about life in Egypt, my experiences and impressions I've got. There are many! I will also add some photos, to try to illustrate the surroundings. This was my second trip to Egypt, the first trip to Egypt was in March and I fell in love with the country. If possible, and with god's will I would love to go back at least one more time this year. I lost my heart there :)

Secondly, I have already updated blog tour page in my blog. There will be several blog tours coming during October and November and I am looking forward to that.

Thirdly, I have already started to plan my first follower giveaway. I am getting closer and closer to the first serious benchmark - 1000 followers and I think it should be celebrated! I haven't done it earlier, have an opinion that these types of giveaways should be organized for bigger number of followers. and for me 1000 is a very nice looking number. I think I will launch the giveaway during the next week or in two weeks time.

Then I will have a lot of reading to do. I will be judging 6 books and need to send feedback to the RCRW during next week and many authors are waiting for the reviews. So lot's of fun work to look forward to.

Enjoy your Sunday and new posts already from tomorrow!

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Banned Books Week Hop 24 September - 1 October

It's here!!!! Banned Books Week Giveaway Hop is organized by I Am A Reader Not A Writer and I Read Banned Books. There are a lot of participants in this giveaway hop and I am sure it will be lot of fun for you! Banned Books Week Hop takes place from 24 September till 1 October.

I grew up in a society and regime where most of the worlds contemporary literature was labelled as banned. I do understand what it means that you cannot or are not allowed to read books. They were simply not available and you were not even allowed to talk about many books. You did not even know that there were books which existed.

You can imagine when at the end of 80s I suddenly could start reading books which have been banned. It was like exploring the whole new world to me! World that I had no idea existed! Since I grew up in the world which was very limited, then i dearly appreciate that there is freedom of speech. Any writer can write and get his or hers books published, at least in most of the cases they can, even the writers who write books which quality is below the average. If I do not like what is written, I have a choice of not reading or not buying it, which is much better than no choice at all.

What can you win this time?

There will be 1 winner who will get 20$ Gift Certificate from amazon.com or a book from The Book Depository according to winners own choice. The winner can decide her/himself which one is preferred. There is only one condition here, you need to tell me the name of the book and it has to be banned one way or another - after you are chosen as a winner. You will find the list of banned books in US here: http://www.ala.org/ala/issuesadvocacy/banned/frequentlychallenged/21stcenturychallenged/index.cfm
Did you know that books like Harry Potter and Twilight are listed there?!

Winner will be announced on the 2nd of October!

Giveaway Details
In order to participate you need to be a follower of this blog, enter you name and email. That's mandatory.

Optional extra entries
+2 if you tweet about my giveaway and leave a direct link
+1 if you subscribe this blog by email
+1 if you "Like" Me and Reading Facebook Page: Me and Reading

Please fill in the form below. The Linky to the other participants is below the form.


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Behind the Screen (8)

Happy Sunday!


Today I will start with news. Well, for some of you it is probably not news, but still. I will be having vacation 5-21 September. I will be enjoyed the sunshine of Egypt!

What will that mean for the blog? I am taking my laptop with me, but I am sure that I will blog more sporadically during this time. I will not post every day, I guess, but I will definitely give some updates how my trip is going because I know that you are curious. Me and Reading will work but it will not be amongst my first priorities. My highest priority is going to be having fun! Of course, blogging is fun, too, but it will be different type of fun!

What does it mean for authors who are waiting for the reviews? Please be patient with me, I deserve to have vacation! :) I always review the books which I have taken the responsibility for. I am aware that some authors sent me their books while ago, but I have tried to inform all of you, that I will not be doing much of reviewing during my vacation. Knowing myself, I will definitely be reading a lot while in Egypt, but I think that writing reviews will be a lower priority. I will post the reviews of the books which I am reading at the moment, so there will be 4-5 reviews coming during the coming two weeks. You can follow what books I am reading at the Goodreads.com and these will be reviewed during my vacation. All other reviews will have to wait. I apologize for any inconvenience, but I am sure that after vacation I will be so relaxed, so the reviews will be written in a very happy mood!

Blog Tours.  I haven't taken any responsibilities for any blog tours during 5-21 September, so no problem there! I will try to update my Book and Blog Tours page before I leave on Monday, because there will be several book and blog tours already from the end of September and also in October and November. At least you have something to look forward to! Like the Terminator said - "I will be back"!

Weekly memes. I will not participate in the weekly memes during 5-21 September.

Giveaways. I will post the winners of different giveaways while I'm on vacation. So no worries there! If you win, you will know!

Honestly, I am very excited! I will try to share some of the excitement with you while I'm there. The plan is that my Wednesday Wonderings will be about my trip. I'm doing my best to post Monday Look Forwards on the coming Monday with some information what you will be seeing during the coming two weeks.

Enough about my vacation now. Let's look into what else has been going on behind the screen.


I just got two hardcover books from Simon & Schuster UK for reviewing:

The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory
The book cover of this book is beautiful! The book has 502 pages!

The Women of the Cousins' War: The Dutchess, The Queen and the King's Mother by Philippa Gregory, David Baldwin and Michael Jones
The book has 338 pages and it is non-fiction, giving some historical background of the 3 women: Jacquetta of Luxembourg (The Lady of the Rivers), Elizabeth Woodville and Margaret Beaufort who have all played a big role in the Tudor family's history.

Besides these two hardcovers I have increased again my e-book shelves. I have received or bought:

Cheat the Hangman by Gloria Ferris (Cedar Fort)
Whale Song by Cheryl Kaye Tardif (Cedar Fort)
Children of the Fog by Kaye Tardif (Cedar Fort)
Asenath by Anna Patricio (Cedar Fort)

These four books I actually won.

December Moon by Suzy Turner
Awakened by Ednah Walters
Betrayed by Ednah Walters
The Accidental Activist by Alon Shalev
An Unexpected Bride by Shadonna Richards
According to Plan by Madison J. Edwards
Eye Contact by Rebecca Royce
Marking Time by Sandra Sookoo
The Shoppe of Spells by Shanon Grey

Most of these books are for the October and November blog tours.

Facts and numbers:

The most popular post this week has been Back to the Books Giveaway (no surprise here!) with 129 pageviews, the second popular post is Blog Tour - Overprotected by Jennifer Laurens, Interview with author with 74 pageviews and on the third place you can find Blog tour - Burden of Blood by Wenona Hulsey with 51 pageviews.  

GFC follower increased from 849 to 897 during two weeks. +48 followers in one week.

The biggest number of visitors this week are from US - 737 hits, the second place goes to Canada with 107 hits and third place to Ukraine with 101 hits and fourth place to Estonia with 66 page hits.

Last week there were visitors from 51 countries.

Page views all time history shows 18.421 16.909 visitors. +1512 visitors!!!

That's it for this week!

Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress Blog Tour - Book Excerpt and Giveaway!

It's here! Welcome to my stop of the Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress Blog Tour! This blog tour is organized by The Bookish Snob Promotions and the author Christine E. Schulze. I am so happy to be the first stop and you will see book excerpt and some information about the author Christine E. Schulze and a giveaway!

I am reading Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress at the moment and my review will be up in couple of days. I am totally hooked, so It's definitely a book I would recommend you to read! Elf, vampires... you have it all if you like fantasy books!

Summary from Goodreads:

He leaned his head close to my ear and whispered, "Are you afraid?"

Chrystine had had more reason than any other time of her life, even when facing one of the rampages of her drunken father. But she wasn't afraid. And that was odd, because although Aaryn, the person asking her that question, was her best friend, he was also a vampire. In fact, she was surrounded by hundreds of vampires.

But they weren't your typical vampires. They were Stregoni Benefici, the good kind. Nor was Chrystine your typical elf. She was the Golden Healer, and she alone could save the Stregoni Benefici from the Dark Enchantress. But can Chrystine figure out the Dark Enchantress' secret and defeat the evil vampires without destroying the good ones as well, without destroying Aaryn? Can Chrystine unravel the dark secret Aaryn keeps so carefully guarded and show him that by choosing to serve good instead of evil, he is still capable of being loved and his past is forgiven?

Find out as you read for yourself the story of the first vampire.

Author Bio:

Christine E. Schulze has been creating books since she was too young to even write them in words. Her collection of YA fantasy books, The Amielian Legacy, is comprised of series and stand-alone books which can all be read separately but which weave together to create an amazing fantasy. Her fantasies also incorporate many other genres, such as Christian fantasy, romance, and even a spark of horror at times. She hopes to inspire readers throughout the world with these books by publishing in both traditional and electronic formats to make them available to all readers.

Christine has published several stories with Calliope and Kalkion magazines and is an active member of the WEbook online writing community. She has also published several Christian/fantasy books which are available at various online retailers, as well as publishing several eBooks via Writers-Exchange.

Her latest and most exciting venture includes her publications with Old Line Publishing: Bloodmaiden and Tears of a Vampire Prince: the First Krystine. She also anticipates her upcoming publication with Old Line, Lily in the Snow, as well as releasing The Chronicles of the Mira with Writers-Exchange in both paperback and electronic forms.

Christine currently lives in Belleville, Illinois in her first and most thrilling apartment.

Book Excerpt:
Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress: Excerpt I, the Prologue

He leaned his head close to my ear and whispered, "Are you afraid?"

His piercing green eyes carefully watched as I gazed around the vast expanse of the cavern. The orange glow of the bonfire glistened off the beautiful faces of those gathered here. Perhaps I should be afraid, being surrounded by hundreds of them, yet this place didn't feel dangerous at all. In fact, it felt less dangerous than home.

These people were here to grant protection. None of them had harmed me, and I knew none would.

Besides, Aaryn sat right beside me. His strong, encompassing arms offered protection, while their cool touch soothed. Perhaps I should be afraid of him as well, and yet, he never gave me any reason to fear him. I knew his love was true and he would never allow any of them--including himself--to harm me.

Most of all, I knew God called me here for a purpose and that while I was still fulfilling that purpose, while I was following His will, I could not be harmed. I could not fear then, being protected by hundreds of powerful, magical, beautiful beings.

Especially, I felt peace because God was with me and I would never be forsaken. He would give me the strength to do the incredible task that lay ahead.

"No," I said softly as I laid my head on his shoulder. "I'm not afraid."

He hugged me a little closer and kissed me softly on the forehead. A little thrill rippled through me, down to the deepest crevices of my heart. Content, I thanked God silently for his and Aaryn's love before drifting into a peaceful sleep.

Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress is available:

And now... to the giveaway!
The author has been so kind to let Me and Reading organize a giveaway!!
One person will win an ecopy of Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress.
Giveaway details:
Giveaway runs from 4-21 September.
You need to be follower of Me and Reading.
Leave a comment with your email address and follower name and that's it!
Winner will be announced on the 22nd of September.
Good luck and start commenting to win!
Besides that:
At the end of the Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress Blog Tour there will be another giveaway where 3 lucky winners can win print copies of Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress and Tears of Vampire Prince.
Keep following the tour and have fun! The next stop of the blog tour will be at: Sept 5 – Laurie’s Thoughts And Reviews http://lauriethoughts-reviews.blogspot.com/. You can find the schedule of the whole tour here: http://thebookishsnobtours.blogspot.com/2011/07/golden-healer-dark-enchantress-blog.html
Have fun and good luck!

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December Moon Virtual Book Tour by Suzy Turner, author of Raven Saga

Suzy Turner

It's here! I am so proud to be the first stop of December Moon Virtual Book Tour! Welcome!
There will be a short welcome by the author Suzy Turner where she tells about her favorite character in the December Moon, there is book blurb and book excerpt!

I have read Raven, the first book of the Raven Saga and I loved it! You can find my review of the first book in the series here. Besides that I had an interview with Suzy couple of months ago and the interview can be found here.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to my friend, author of December Moon, Suzy Turner!

December Moon Virtual Book Tour

September 3rd to 19th

Ghosts, spirits... whatever you want to call them, they've always intrigued me. Perhaps it stems from the death of my mother at a young age, perhaps it's just because the supernatural has always been a subject I've wanted to know more about. Whatever it is, I love reading about them. And now... I love writing about them!

When I created December Moon, I wasn't expecting this character to appear but she just showed up out of nowhere... literally, she just materialised in the room and I was completely blown away by her. I can honestly say, she is now one of my favourite characters in the book.

Ruby Madison is a beautiful red-haired witch who died in her forties. Murdered by a vampire, she was also cursed so that she would be forever stuck on earth, unable to join her ancestors in the afterlife. Surprisingly, in light of her predicament, Ruby continues to maintain a great sense of humour and is a great support to her daughter, Moira and her granddaughter, December.

Here is a brief excerpt:

December Moon (The Raven Saga)"Born to a great witch, my grandmother Constance, in 1949, Ruby was adored from day one. Her mother taught her everything she knew about the art from a very early age and then when she was older she was also encouraged to fit in with normal society. She went to college, studied to become a doctor and later got a job at a Massachusetts hospital, but she never stopped practising the art. Whenever she wasn't healing people, she was saving others from evil. In 1970, she met and married another doctor called Henry, a union that resulted in the birth of their beloved daughter - me! - five years later. My father sadly developed cancer and died in 1981, leaving Ruby a single working mother. Not that it was a problem, of course. She was fiercely independent and very, very smart. The problem arose when she was offered a better position the other side of America, in Seattle. She took it, more money and less hours was a no brainer at the time. But Seattle had something dark and foreboding lurking in its midst. Unbeknown to Ruby..."

"Oh get to the point, will you," said a woman's impatient voice from the shadows.

December jumped so far that she fell off the bed.

"Oh my dear, I'm so sorry, I certainly didn't mean to startle you, but your mother... honestly, she should have been an author the way she rattles off these long and rather boring stories. The whole point of the story was to tell young December here about who killed me. Are you going to get to the point or shall I?"

Moira stooped down and helped pull December up off the floor.

"Mother... must you scare your grand daughter like that?"

"Well, I did apologise. I am sorry, my dear," said the voice out of nowhere.

"Mother... show yourself. December can hear you now, she may as well see you too."

The blurry image of a woman began to appear from behind the tall white table, slowly becoming a slender and glamorous looking figure with fiery red hair. A family trait.

Although the image remained somewhat translucent, December could easily make out the hazel green eyes and cheeky smile that was etched on her thin pale face.

"Here I am. Is that better, dear? Let me introduce myself. My name is Ruby and I'm your grandmother. I'd shake your hand and give you a hug but it's not really possible," and she demonstrated as her slender hand trailed through the air, straight through December's own.

Speechless yet again, she felt a cold chill and shivered.
December Moon Book Trailer:
For more information about The Raven Saga, visit http://suzyturner.com/ or http://suzyturner.blogspot.com/
You can find the schedule of the December Moon Virtual Book Tour and the first post by the author Suzy Turner here: http://suzyturner.blogspot.com/2011/09/virtual-book-tour.html
Next stop of the blog tour is tomorrow, 4th of September at Amethyst Daydreams.
Happy blog hopping!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Winner of Indian Summer e-book by Emily Cale

Time to announce the winner of Indian Summer e-book written by Emily Cale. Thanks to everybody who participated!

Indian SummerWinner is:

Temperance, email starts with elliott2668


 Email will be sent to the winner and has 48 hours to reply. If no reply, I will pick a new winner.

Thanks to Emily Cale for giving away Indian Summer e-book!

Winners of Whale Song giveaway by author Cheryl Kaye Tardif!

I am happy to announce 4 winners of Whale Song e-books written by Cheryl Kaye Tardif.
Thank you all who participated and actually everybody who commented, got a book! There were actually exactly 4 participants besides the author and me!

Winners are:

krystal, email starts with edysicecreamlover
Darlene, email starts with darlenesbooknook
ruby95660, email starts with ruby95660
ladyreadsalot, email starts with emilykaiser

I will send an email today to all winners and after I get the reply from you I will forward your emails to the author. You have 48 hours to reply.

Thanks to Cheryl Kaye Tardif for providing e-copies of the Whale Song!!! I am reading it and it is wonderful! You have something to look forward to!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to the Books Giveaway Hop 1-7 September

It's here!!!! Back to the Books Giveaway Hop is organized by I Am A Reader Not A Writer and Buried In Books . There are a lot of participants in this giveaway hop (more than 300!!!!) and I am sure it will be lot of fun for you! Back to the Books Giveaway Hop takes place from 1-7 September.

What can you win this time?

There will be 1 winner who will get 20$ Gift Certificate from amazon.com or a book from The Book Depository according to winners own choice. The winner can decide her/himself which one is preferred. Winner will be announced on the 9th of August!

Giveaway Details

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Blog Tour with Chris Hall, author of Conversations with a Moonflower. Review and Giveaway.

Welcome to my stop at the Conversations with a Moonflower Blog Tour! This Blog Tour is organized by Cedar Fort and the author Chris Hall. There will be a review and a giveaway of the Conversations with a Moonflower.

Author: Chris Hall

Release date: 8th of March 2011
Published by: Cedar Fort
Reading level: FICTION - ADULT
Pages: 112 in Hardcover
Source: From Cedar Fort for reviewing for Blog Tour

From Goodreads:

It all begins with a little flower. This tenderly told story is a beautiful reminder to appreciate the simple joys around you. The perfect gift for even the busiest mothers and friends in your life, this book is guaranteed to change chaos to calm and inspire all to look beyond the ordinary and see the extraordinary.


My review:

This book is like a new breathing. It gives you hope, energy, silence, time to sit down and think. I loved that Conversations with a Moonflower made me think. Think about what’s important in my life, how I sometimes forget about small thing in life. Small things like watching the flowers bloom, like listening to the sound of waves on the stormy sea, take a moment and dream. Our lives are often so busy that we forget all that. We have it somewhere in our subconscious, but we do not acknowledge it. This is what Conversations with a Moonflower is about. It’s about the peace of mind and heart.

I really enjoyed Conversation with a Moonflower. Chris Hall has created a book which is a definite keeper in my opinion. It’s a book which will cheer you up when your mood is down or increase the beauty around you and inside you when you are happy. It takes you to your happy place!

5 Flowers!

5 stars!

Author Bio:

Chris Hall's creativity and energy were evident in her earliest childhood. Her grade school teachers often commented, "She has tremendous energy, if we could just get it channeled." Her parents instilled in her a belief that good can come from almost every experience, and that belief, along with an ability to see humor in much of everyday life, proved invaluable as she and her husband raised their eight children.

Chris has been a presenter for many years for FranklinCovey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, Becoming a Love and Logic Parent, and Becoming A Love and Logic Teacher. The gift of a moonflower plant that she received from one of her grandmother's Amish neighbors resulted in Conversations with a Moonflower, her first published work.

Now empty nesters, she and her husband, Duane, find great joy in spending time with their children and grandchildren. They are still amazed upon returning home from work each night to find the kitchen has remained clean all day.

Conversations with a Moonflower is available:

Giveaway details:
Conversations with a MoonflowerCedar Fort and the author Chris Hall are giving away 1 signed copy of the Conversations with a Moonflower!!! The giveaway runs from 31 August - 7 September. Winner will be announced here in the blog and also sent an email.

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