Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Purge by Sofi Oksanen


I read a lot of different reviews and thoughts of this book prior to reading the book itself and usually these reviews were from one extreme to another. Since the book is about very delicate and tragic topics related to Estonian history, there were lots of emotions around the Purge.

Sofi Oksanen takes the reader back to the period prior and after the WW II and to the beginning of 90s and the book follows the main character Aliide through her life.

Second World War influenced Estonia and Estonians in so many dramatic ways and this is what the book is about - how war, political occupation, psychological terror influence human beings. Time and history is actually one of the very interesting features of this book. This book is also about betrayal, love, hate, pain, violence, lies and about how cruel and twisted life can be.

I liked this book! It was not an easy reading, but it was all worth it!

Since I like the Goodreads review of the book, I will add it here:
Purge in Goodreads

5 stars out of 5 from my side. If you want to have a little insight of the tragic of Estonian history, you should definately read it!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Promise by Kristie Cook - Review


From Goodreads :
Alexis Ames decides to learn who she really is, with or without the help of her mother, who guards their secrets closely. After meeting Tristan Knight and discovering that he s not normal either, the secrets begin to unravel. Their union brings promise to the future of mankind. But it also incites a dangerous pursuit by the enemy. Because they are a match made in Heaven and in Hell.

This was the first Kristie Cook's book I read.  It was recommended to me by one of the Twilightmoms and I was eager to read it. I didn't have to be disappointed, I really loved this book. It was easy to read, had some cute humor in it and very interesting plot. 

Meet Alexis - college girl who is constantly on run together with her mother Sophia. Alexis is different, she can heal beyond normal understanding and this is exactly the reason of their running away. At least that is how it looks in the beginning of the book.

Alexis starts studying in new college and meets Mr. Beautiful. Tristan is good-looking, friendly hot guy who is taking an interest in Alexis quite quickly. Alexis and Tristan start to study together and as the story goes, their relationship is becoming more and more intensive.

Then everything changes. Alexis finds out about who Tristan is and even more importantly, who she and her family are. That shocks her and she pushes Tristan away. Alexis is from heaven and Tristan from hell and their story is a struggle between their roots and backgrounds.

I loved the plot! I was really surprised to find out that Tristan knew Alexis from her birth, that he was the one who picked her name and that their relationship and marriage was planned by Alexis' family already years ago. In one way I found it fascinating and it was a twist which I absolutely loved about the story. Nowadays planned marriages are not something you meet very often, at least not in western cultures.

The other thing I loved was that the understanding of Good and Evil was mixed in the characters, especially in Tristan and also for some extent in Alexis. Tristan has won over his dark side and I have a suspicion that Alexis will be struggling with her dark side in the next book.

You should be warned - you can simply not put this book away until it's finished. And the end of this book leaves so many things unfinished and you will be eager to start reading the second book of the series immediately. I have already purchased the next book - Purpose.

This book gets 4 stars out of 5.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Adversary by Kate Kaynak - Review

Adversary (Ganzfield)

Again, what a start to the book! I am again amazed how well the author is captivating the reader from page one.
When the first book – Minder is finished, Dr. Williamson has created a small team to prepare them to fight against the enemy – Sons of Adam. Sons of Adam see Ganzfield students as abominations, as monsters and the Ganzfield team needs to learn how to fight back. The team consists of Maddie who is a minder, Trevor who is telekinetic, Rachel who is remote reviewer, Hannah who is a healer and a new guy Zach.  Zach is a charmer who is also minder, who can shield his thoughts. Complicated, huh?!!
During the final tests, where their abilities are to be tested, the team headed by Maddie has to leave Ganzfield and when they return an awful horror is waiting for them - their friends and co-students have been cruelly slaughtered. What happened? Maddie gets a suspicion that Sons of Adam together with Isaiah is behind it. Rachel finds other Ganzfield survivors not very far from the training facility. When they arrive, they hear a gruesome story. They also realize that two of the healers have been imprisoned and that Dr. Williamson is disappeared as well.
Maddie, Trevor and the rest of the team is determined to get the healers out of the imprisonment. And then the action starts again!!
Summary from Goodreads:

Things are more dangerous than they seem at Ganzfield, and not everyone will survive. Does Maddie have what it takes? See what happens next in the sequel to Minder.
Young Adult Paranormal Thriller
I liked the second book of Kate Kaynak much better! As with the first book, it was easy to read and the story plot kept me very interested.
Maddie was much more likable to me, especially because she was the one who hold the whole team together. I liked her High-and-Mighty-Princess attitude in this book. She was resourceful, brave, and curious to expand her abilities. She took control when needed and backed off when needed.
I liked Zach in the beginning. When he was brought in to Ganzfield I was thinking that maybe author is going to challenge Maddie’s and Trevor’s relationship with Zach, but that didn’t happen. I think Zach’s abilities are so far the most interesting ones and I would like to see him also in next book.

Generally speaking, it was very good reading!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Next books I probably will read

Pleasures Untold by Lisa Sanchez - Review

Pleasures Untold (The Hanaford Park Series, 2)

Right after I finished Eve of Samhain, I started reading the next book of Hanaford Park series - Pleasures Untold. since I was consumed by the first book, I had high expectations to the second one as well.

In the second book, the story of Martha and Xan is told.
Martha was one of the charachters in the first book, a roommate to Ryann. Martha is a girl with magic witch powers which she has inherited from her mom, grandmom and great-grandmom. When she is 8 her mom gets killed and Martha is hidden away from the venegance from Lucian who is a vampire.

Xan is owner of the club Fire and Ice, where Martha is on warpath with vampires who visit the club. Xan is of Latin origin, hot, sexy, half vampire, half warlock and has a secret which he tries to hide from Martha. Xan actually knows Martha much longer than just from the club.

I liked this book as much as the first one in the series. There was though one thing which I was annoyed by and that was the ampount of fucks and shits in the language use. It was too much to me, and that is also the reason why this book got 4 stars out of 5.

Eve of Samhain by Lisa Sanchez - Review

Eve of Samhain (The Hanaford Park Series, 1)

I saw a review of this book on one of the blogs i follow and decided to buy it. I needed something else, little change in scenery from Young Adult books, something which was little more for grown people :)
I bought it on Friday, started reading it Friday late night and finished it Saturday. I had difficulties with putting it away and was seriously annoyed that I had some other things I needed to do for  hours. I wanted to know how it ends.

This is a first book of Lisa Sanchez I have read and it is also her first book to write. You can find more information about her here: Lisa Sanchez homepage

Books starts with Ryann (the main character) thinking: All men are assholes.
Ryann is a university student who waits tables in a club Fire and Ice to make some extra money for her studies. She meets Quinn, who really annoyes her to begin with. Quinn seems to be of Irish origin, he is hot and sexy and there is something weird about him, which Ryann doesn't understand. Quinn brings different women to the club and leaves them there. None of the women remember why they came to the club and have no memory of the guy who brought them there.
At the same time, as Ryann's and Quinn's story develops, there is a stalker appearing, who is not human.
Ruann and Quinn need to work together to get rid of the mysterious threat that wants something from Ryann.
Quinn has a secret and a curse he needs to break and only Ryann's love can break it!

I loved the story plot! The author writes in a way, that it is very difficult to put this book away, you are curious and want to know how the story develops. I especially loved the connection and relationships between Ryann and Quinn. I just loved the way Quinn spoke. i have always had a soft spot for Irish and their way of speaking and here the author just hit the point!

I also liked other charcthers - Jennyfer and Martha who were Ryann's roommates and also mystical Gabriel. Rushing little ahead, all of these three are also appearing in the next book written by Lisa.

The book was easy to read, it was interesting and exciting and funny. I have to admit, I loved the descriptions of the sexual attraction between Ryann and Quinn!!!

For fantasy readers it is relly a book I would highly reccomend!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What book would you take with you to vacation?!?

I have a tough decision to make. Next Sunday I am going for two weeks of vacation to Egypt and I have no clue what book/books to take with me.
It should be easy to read, not too heavy to put into my luggage and suitable for so called summer reading (warmth, palm trees and beaches).

Don't you worry, I am not planning to read 24/7 in two weeks, but also enjoy my vacation. Still, I need to have something to read with me!

What books would you take with you for vacation? Looking forward to some exciting suggestions :)

Kate Kaynak - Minder (A Ganzfield Novel) - Review

Yesterday evening I finished reading Kate Kaynak's book Minder.
As I wrote in one of my previous posts, I liked the beginning of the book very much. The author simply made an introduction that got your attention from the first page.

Teenager girl Maddie finds out that there is something very special about her. When she is threatened in an unexpected and aweful way, she reacts.. and suddenly 3 people are dead.

Thanks to a mysterious man, she ends up in a training facility which trains kids with special abilities. Maddie likes the Ganzfield School from the beginning, but finds out soon, that everything is not exactly as it could be. Socializing and finding friends might be dangerous affair in Ganzfield.

Everything changes when she meets a guy of her dreams - Trevor. They start spending some time together and find out, that they can't be without each other. They are falling in love and strengthen their abilities by it.

Not everybody in Ganzfiled likes Maddie's ability and Maddie soon finds out that being special can be very dangerous.

I like the plot of the story and characters too. The story is well written; it is easy to read and has a quickly developing storyline. The reason, why I would give 3 stars (out of 5) is, that at one point in the middle of book, where you have already understood what kind of facility it is and you are introduced to the characters, the story makes a step backwards. Right after Maddie and Trevor realize that they love each other, the story gets slightly slow and goofy for my taste, too much of description of adoration and first love. I think the love story between Maddie and Trevor is sweet, but at some point I just wanted to see what is going to happen next. I loved the beginning of the book and the end of the book, but in the middle it got little too boring.

My favorite character in the book was actually not one of the main characters, but Seth, who actually has a very small part to play in the story.
Maddie seemed little too overprotective and weird in her attempts to protect everybody from the charms - her plotting and wish to change the charms and bring them over to the good side. It made me want to say: "Come to the dark side - we have cookies!!!!" You can't simply change everyone and everything.

To sum it up - I will definitely read the next books of the series, because I liked the plot and I am interested to see, what is going to happen with Maddie, Trevor and Michael.

Books, Kindle Wireless Reading Device and Kindle for PC

Genereally speaking I am quite conservative and used to prefer bying real books. I love the smell of newprinted books, desings of different book covers and the sound pages make when you turn them to the next. I have quite nice collection of books in my "home-library" and I have read and enjoyed every single one of them.

Approximately a year ago, I decided to give Kindle a try. It's comfortable to use, you just need wireless connection to the Internet and that's basically it! Similarities with books are that you can take it with you: if you want to read it in bed before sleeping - no problem! The advantage compared to books is, that it takes less place and it weighs less in most cases.

Less than a year ago, I downloaded another Kindle version: Kindle for PC. Since I use my laptop more per day than most of normal people, I really enjoy having the option to read my books behind the laptop as well. Of course, it is not that comfortable to have your laptop with you everywhere, so in that sense Kindle advice is more comfy sometimes. Still, most of the books I have purchased during the last six month are on my Kindle PC.

I have bought a lot of books from, and Kindle devices are especially enjoyable because it is cheaper and it takes only couple of minutes to download books what you want to read. You don't have to wait receiving the delivery.
So, I am combining all these three different options. And I have to admit - I love my Kindle!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Introduction to Minder by Kate Kaynak - the author and first part of Minder

So far I have read 52% of the book.

When I started this book, I did not know anything about the author - Kate Kaynak. One of my Twilightmoms recommended it and the whole Ganzfield series and this is the reason why I picked this book.

Kate Kaynak is American writer who lives in US, New Hamspshire and the Ganzfield series are her first books, it seems. The series has three books published and the fourth will be published in August 2011. Ganzfield series include Minder, Legacy and Adversary.
you can find more information about her here:

Minder is the first book of the series and it was published in June 2010. So she is fairly newbeginner when it comes to writing. But you can trust me that the fact her being beginner, does not show in the book.

She jumpes into the story immediately and before 10 pages are gone, whole lot has happened. It really starts like an action movie.

There are two main characters - Maddie and Trevor who meet under weird circumstances when Maddie is introduced to school for kids with special abilities.

Quoutes I liked so far:

All dead. Light worked its way across the garage as the outside world reappeared under the rolling door. I couldnt stop myself; I looked at my three dead attackers. Oh, God. What happened, what did I do? WHAT AM I?

My mom had put on weight after my father had died and, like her wedding ring, shed never taken it off. She wore her grief like an extra layer of flesh.

He laughed, which was a great sound. Note to self: make Trevor laugh more. His laugh was a rumble, low and gentle in his chest. It rolled off him in warm ripples.

Are you all right? His voice was a near whisper. My free hand was on his chest; I could feel his heart beating wildly under my palm. My breath quickened, and suddenly his lips were touching mine. My soul expanded with explosive intensity. My hands went around his neck, pulling him in. His arms tightened around me. My lips parted and his moved against them tentatively, and then and then stronger. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. I wasnt sure who was thinking it, probably because we both were.

As you probably can understand, they fall in love. What will happen next?

Let's read and see :)