Friday, December 30, 2011

Winners of Write a Holiday Short Story Contest

Happy Friday everybody!

It's time to make a short summary of Write a Holiday Short Story contest. When I posted about the contest, I wasn't sure if authors will have time to write anything because I announced the contest during the first days of December and for most people December is very busy month. Therefore I was extra glad that I received 5 stories. 5 stories!!!!

I know now that next year I will announce it in November already, that there could be more authors who would have time. But, as said, I am happy for even 5 stories!

I checked how many clicks and comments each post had and here are the results:

Finding The Spirit of Christmas by S.G. Rogers - 195 views and 14 comments!
The Flight Before Christmas by Michael Young - 86 views and 3 comments!
Special for the Season by Alison Bruce - 70 views and 4 comments!
Blue Satin and Love by Melodie Campbell - 80 views and 6 comments!
Helping Santa by Nicole Zoltack - 80 views and 3 comments!

Congratulation to the authors, I think the number of views is actually very good!!! Total of 511 pageviews and 30 comments.

I promised 2 winners, one from the readers and the other from me. Winners will have spots on Me and Reading sidebar with ads of their books during the whole 2012.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the winners!!!!!

Winners of one spot at Me and Reading sidebar ads are:

Reader's Choice with biggest amount of views and comments:

S.G. Rogers with her story Finding The Spirit of Christmas


Me and Reading's Choice is:

Melodie Campbell with her story Blue Satin and Love


I will contact the winners soon and organize that the ads will be up soon.

I loved all the stories which was sent. All of them were nice and well-written. The reason why I picked Blue Satin and Love was very simple - it touched my heart deeply.

Thanks to S.G Rogers, Alison Bruce, Michael Young, Melodie Campbell and Nicole Zoltack for sending and sharing their short stories!!!

Happy reading!


  1. Congratulations winners and to those who entered. The stories were good.

  2. Thanks Inga and to everyone who left a comment!