Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday Wonderings (9) - Year 2011 highlights

Happy Wednesday everybody!

Today I would like to share the highlights of 2011. Actually, the whole blogging has been an adventure for me, I really love it! It has given me so many new contacts, friends, experiences, joy, so it's even difficult to explain the feelings!

I started my blog in February 28 this year and the first post was called - The Very Beginning. Before that I have been blogging about my life generally in Estonian language, but I had many friends in US who shared my love for books and who encouraged me to start posting my reviews in the blog too. So the result is what you see today - a book blog.

This post today will be post number 320. I checked how many posts I have had during the year and this is how the numbers look like:

February - 1
March - 12 (At the end of March I had 4 followers!)
April - 32
May - 54
June - 29
July - 26 (approximately 700 followers)
August - 48
September - 11
October - 26
November - 47 (Reached 1000 followers!)
December - 33 (More than 1400 followers!)

In February I had no idea what my blog's content would be and I think during the summertime I already had a very clear picture. In the beginning I had no idea what is an ARC, what is a galley - I had to google it! :) Now it seems funny, but you have to start from somewhere! And I did and have no regrets what so ever!

In March I posted the first reviews and got knowledge to authors like Kristie Cook, Lisa Sanchez and Kate Kaynak.

In April I was participating in the very first giveaway hop which also brought lot of new followers because there were many blogs participating in this giveaway hop. I also joined in at Parajunkee's Follow Friday Blog Hop which was very useful for me to widen my horizon of other bloggers. Mid-April I found The Story Siren with her In My Mailbox where I have also participated gladly. I implemented Monday Look Forwards series and started to participate in Should Be Reading's Teaser Tuesday posts. I also had my very first author interview with the author of Six Moon Summer - S.M. Reine. I was so extremely happy when Sara agreed to interview and after that I think I got more courage, because I started to make more interviews. Next interview was with Lisa Sanchez which was followed by interview with Kristie Cook. I am still very grateful for these authors, because they were so friendly, so helpful, so kind. My respect towards the authors grew sky high after the experience with Sara, Lisa and Kristie. I will always have a special place in my heart for them!

As you can see, April was a month, when I started to understand what it meant to be a book blogger. In May I was posting a lot and as you saw above it was the record of monthly posts in May - 54. I learned about another wonderful author - Brenda Pandos - through her Talisman Series and thanks to her also posted my very first Cover Reveal post. It was another new experience for me. Since BEA 2011 was in May, I joined with BEA Armchair blogs and had several posts about BEA and blogging. I was also eagerly reading all blog posts posted by other bloggers to get as much information about BEA as possible. Through BEA Armchair I also gave my first interview to the fellow blogger and also dared to write my first guest post for Astrea Press' blog. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed writing something to other blog, especially to publisher's blog!!! In May I got acquainted with another very good author - Suzy Turner who made interview with me (my first interview given to an author as a blogger!) and Suzy is also one of the authors whom I dearly appreciate.

I June I started writing Wednesday Wondering posts and had first guest bloggers posting in Me and Reading.

July was important because I started to participate in blog tours and the first blog tour I participated was Jennifer Laurens' overprotected and my post was an interview with Jennifer. Short after that I got hooked with other blog tour organizers - Cedar Fort Publishing, The Bookish Snob Promotions and suddenly I had scheduled quite many blog tour posts. In July I also launched another weekly meme - Behind the Screen which I always enjoy writing. July also brought me to Lady Blogger Social Online Conference, which was an event for three days where I met other bloggers and which was very interesting for me. All the sessions where online. In July I had approximately 700 followers already. Besides all the above, I found another wonderful person through Twitter, it was Cheryl Kaye Tardif, the owner of Imajin Books. Cheryl is Canadian bestselling author and also a publisher. Thanks to Cheryl I got contacts to two other wonderful authors - Melodie Campbell and Alison Bruce. These two authors are also very close to my heart - they are wonderful persons and writers! Melodie, Cheryl and Alison actually brought me to Canadian contemporary literature and I am happy about it. I still keep a very close eye on Imajin Books' new releases!

August was a month of many reviews and guest bloggers. The biggest change in my blog was new design. I was finally ready to change the look of Me and Reading. I was so lucky, that it was Parajunkee's Design who designed my blog, because I was very very satisfied with the outcome. I still am! 

September and October were the months of travelling for me, first two weeks of vacation in Egypt and then business trip to Turkey. That is also the reason behind few posts in September, I simply did not want to spend my vacation behind the screen. October brought again many blog tour spots in my blog.

The biggest event in November was reaching 1000 followers and I managed to organize a big giveaway with 52 books and 23 authors. I really enjoyed making other people happy - that they can win books which I have been devouring in 2011. Besides that there were lot of blog tours again, I hosted 8 tours, which is so far the monthly record for me.

Even though December has still couple of days left, it has been lot of fun with several giveaways and I organized Write a Holiday Short Story contest. I need to post the winners during this week. I think it's nice that authors took time to write a story. I will definitely organize it again next year!

These were the highlights of Me and Reading's 2011. Don't get me wrong - there were a whole lot more of the highlights during the year, but these included "first of the first" experiences and events which were bigger than I expected.

I know for sure that 2012 will be also filled with blogging adventures! And I am sincerely looking forward to that!

Happy reading!


  1. Reading of your 2011 achievements and milestones just takes my breath away. Congratulations and best wishes for a continuation of success in 2012.

  2. Thank you Sophia! I think it was a very good year for blogging! :)