Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Today I would like to share with you how my Christmas went. I drove to my parents, who live on the West-coast of Estonia, Friday evening. It was nice to be home again, home at the place we I grew up. I always love visiting my parents. Friday evening was very nice, we just relaxed and talked about coming Christmas Eve.

On the 24th I did the last wrapping of Christmas presents and then helped my dad to carry all things needed to my sister's place which is almost next to my parents' apartment. My family always visit our ancestors, so we made a visit to the graveyard where my grandparents are buried and put some branches of Christmas tree and candles to their graves. I know that some people it is weird tradition, but I enjoy the peace and thousands of candles lit  in the graveyard during Christmas. It's like paying our respects for them and wishing them also nice Christmas.

Since I knew that it's going to be a long evening with Santa coming and opening all the presents and eating long dinner, I got my son to take a long nap before the Christmas Eve could start. You see, we celebrate Christmas on the evening of 24th, not on the 25th like in many other countries.

Christmas dinner was really nice. My sister and her husband had cooked a whole lot, so it was delicious and tasty! we agree every year, that we will not do many gifts, but again, there were LOTS of presents under the Christmas tree! Lots!!! The tradition in our family is, that you have to read a Christmas poem or sing a Christmas song in order to claim your presents, so it took very long time until the presents were given out. I got so many nice presents!!!!

On the 25th me and My sister went to the spa together with our kids. We spent several hours in different saunas and pools. it was so nice and relaxing after the previous night's dinner. Kids also enjoyed it a lot. After the spa I was so tired... but had no time because the family gathered again at my parent's home. so the eating and talking and enjoying the Christmas continued.

On the 26th I was driving back home. When I arrived, there was no electricity and no water. There was only 15 degrees of Celsius inside the house, so the evening continued with heating the house!

I really enjoyed my Christmas this year!!!

How did your Christmas went? Got some good presents? Enjoyed the time with your family? :)