Thursday, December 1, 2011

Write a Holiday Short Story Contest!

Dear authors and readers!

December is here and that means that it's time to some holiday spirits in my blog!

I am inviting you to little challenge! I am opening my blog up for Holiday Short Stories! You write it and I blog it! I will add information about you, your published work to the short story! The challenge is open until 24th of December inclusive!

I will post the stories you write, you just need to follow the rules!

1. The length is up to you, but it HAS to be SHORT and it has to be a HOLIDAY STORY.
2. It has to have a clear start and ending.
3. It can be related to your published work, but it MUST NOT be an excerpt. Excerpts are not allowed!
4. You must send author bio, picture and information about your published/to be published work, so I can add it to the post.
5. Email the story and other information to me
6. The sooner you send me the story, the longer time it can be commented by readers!
7. Latest date for sending me you Holiday Short Story is 23rd of December.
8. I will blog your story 1 day after I have received it by email. That is valid if you send me all the necessary information asked above.

There will be a prize for the story I like most and prize to the story which gets the biggest number of comments from the readers! The prize is unlimited advertising of your book(s) published in 2012 throughout the whole year in my blog's side bar!!!

2 winners! One picked by me and other picked by readers by leaving comments!

If you have any questions, use the comments or my email!

Happy writing!


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