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Any Color But Beige: Living Life in Color blog tour by Cat Larose and WOW! Women On Writing

Welcome to my stop at the Any Color But Beige: Living Life in Color blog tour! This blog tour is organized by WOW! Women On Writing and by the author Cat Larose and it runs from 14th of November until  16th of December. My stop includes a review, guest post by the author Cat Larose and a giveaway.

First of all, it the first WOW! Woman On Writing blog tour I'm participating, and I am very excited about it! Secondly, when I was introduced to Cat's book Any Color But Beige, I realized that I have some things in common with her - I absolutely love colors in my life! I have read and reviewed the book, so let's start with the review of Any Color But Beige!

Author: Cat Larose

Title: Any Color But Beige – Live Your Life in Color!
Release date: August 2011
Published by: Friesen Press
Reading level: FICTION – Adult: Memoir
Pages: 234 pages in PDF
Source: Received from the author for reviewing for blog tour


After years of living a beige existence, Cat Larose, international color marketing expert, finally added a little color to her own life. All it took was a Paris sunset and a little red suitcase.

Everyone wanted Cat's life. She had a handsome husband, a stylish home and a fascinating career as an international color marketing consultant. Work took Cat to some of the world's most beautiful cities but something was missing: ironically, it was color. One day she found herself in Paris watching a sunset and, in a moment of clarity, she caught a glimpse of her sepia-toned future.

When Cat got home, she did what she'd longed to do for years. She decided to paint her bedroom a magnificent Bordeaux red and put an end to her beige existence and her marriage. That was the beginning of a new life.

Any Color but Beige is a bright, funny, genuine account of one woman's search for love in the deep end of the dating pool. None of the self-help books prepared Cat for the often funny, occasionally puzzling, sometimes sad but always colorful dating adventures with an international cast of frogs, princes and players. Cat makes the classic female mistake of thinking that love is a life preserver. Until one day she learns to swim.

My review:

After I got the possibility to read the synopsis of this book, I WANTED to read it! Any Color But Beige seemed to be a book for me, and it did not disappoint me at all, I loved it! It was the right book at the right time for me and it was well-written, bright, filled with good stories and funny!

Regarding the plot/story:

Well, you cannot call it a plot, because memoirs are usually built up differently, you do not have the narrative which is similar to the fiction books. Any Color But Beige is a story about woman who is growing with the story. The book also asked and answered a lot of important questions: What is important in life? How do we start to live our life in a way that we really want to? Should you make compromises with yourself? What is the price of compromise and are you willing to pay it? These were at least the questions what I started asking myself while reading Any Color But Beige.

I loved how the book was built up: every chapter had a color related headline with a memoir, a story in it. The memoirs started from the realization that the author's life was not exactly what she loved anymore and went back to the childhood and to present.

As said previously, the book was witty and well-written and enjoyed how life of a person was described in colors. I was once asked if my life should be a book, what kind of books would it be? Would it be a romance, would it be a bestseller, would it be a tragedy, would it be fantasy? I am still searching my answers, but author of Any Color But Beige has already found her answers, and I think her book is a colorful bestseller!

5 stars!

5 Flowers!

About the Author:

Catherine is one part hot blooded Latin and one part wild eyed Celt. She’s the oldest of seven children raised in a large Irish/Italian family – Catholic, of course. But family and friends think of her as the gypsy. She’s spent her life studying, living, and working all over the place.  Cat is forever destined to wander incessantly as a person currently without country(CWC), or with no fixed address(NFA). Blessing or curse? Grandma V had her pegged long before she ever left Clevleand, Ohio when she gave her red-headed Italian granddaughter this advice , “All you need is a place to hang your hat.”  As she was traveling the world, Cat managed to acquire a husband. A rather beige husband. Not a good match considering the fact that Cat sells color for a living. What does that mean? When you go to a home improvement store  and to choose a paint color, those little color chips are made by Cat’s company. They produce color chips for the automotive industry, cosmetic industry and of course your local Home Depot.  While in Paris on business, Cat decided that life was too short to be beige. Her memoir is a record of her escape from the beige tinge of her marriage to the wild colors of singlehood.

When I started talking to Cat about the topics of possible guest post, then the choice was very wide. We ended up with following:

Why I Read – A Short List

by Cat Larose
Many years ago, a friend, mentor, teacher and author gave me a T-shirt that said: So many books, so little time.

That phrase has been burned into my brain ever since. When it comes to books I’m like a kid in the proverbial candy store. I borrow way more books than I can ever hope to read from the local library and incur enough late fees to add a second wing to the building. I didn’t think it was possible but I swear I’m about to overload my Kindle with dozens of titles in as many genres, all unread. I also bookmark more blogs than I have time to absorb and enjoy, and then there are the magazines and newspapers that I buy because I still like the feel of them. They are piled at the foot of my couch.

I’m also guilty of being a multiple book/media reader. When I was younger I used to be able to get away with it. I could remember the various plot lines of novels, biographies or thrillers not to mention the anecdotes and statistics of business books. Lately less so. I blame it on this new age of information overload rather than my own advancing age. And so I’ve had to grudgingly limit myself to two books at a time and a few periodicals. That way, there’s a chance I might get to enjoy them.

I have further diminished my normally good reading habits by enhancing another good habit – that of writing regularly. Whoever says you can have it all never had to balance reading, writing and working a full-time job (or raising a family.)

I’ve been writing a blog for two years now and I recently published my first book, a memoir entitled Any Color but Beige: Living Life in Color. And while writing the blog and the book has been a real labor of love, it has ultimately cut into my reading habits. Instead of reading before bed, I’m busy taking notes. Instead of reading on the plane, I’m turning those notes into posts or pages. And therein lies the dilemma because reading is the ultimate resource for new ideas and a sure cure for writer’s block. But reading is not only about work, it’s also about pleasure. So here’s my own personal list of why I read. It’s a mix of reasons as eclectic as the books I read.

1) Reading enriches my vocabulary.
2) Reading good prose inspires me to be a better writer.
3) Reading transports me to new places without ever having to pack a bag.
4) Reading gives me insight into myself and others.
5) Reading gives meaning to my life.
6) Reading allows me to appreciate the beauty of a well-turned phrase or line.
7) Reading relaxes me.
8) Reading teaches me like nothing else can. I read therefore I learn.

And finally, reading adds color to my life. Without books it would indeed be a beige world.

Cat, thank you so much for the guest post and a wonderful book!

That's not all yet. Cat has offered a giveaway and a very special offer to Book Clubs!

On Monday, December 19 at the end of her WOW Blog Tour, Cat Larose will be awarding a special Book Club Prize ! The prize includes 10 copies of her memoir Any Color But Beige, a guide on how your book club can enjoy Any Color But Beige, a virtual visit from Cat Larose, and several other surprises. If you want to enter this contest just leave a comment after this post with the words “Book Club Contest” in the message. You can enter to win both the individual contest for one copy of Any Color But Beigeand the Book Club Contest but you have to leave two different comments. Don't forget to tell everyone who belongs to your Book Club to enter the contest!

Good luck!

The next stop at the blog tour is Thursday, December 8 @ Writer Inspired.
Thanks goes to WOW! Women On Writing and to Cat Larose!


  1. "Any Color But Beige: Living Life in Color" looks like a wonderful read. Reading adds color to my life too.


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