Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Wonderings - Comments: How important are they?

Happy Wednesday everybody!

Today I would like to write about blog post comments.

While ago I saw in a blog which I am following post from the blog owner about closing the blog unless readers will star writing comments. That made me think about blog comments generally.

I always like when somebody takes time to comment the posts I am writing. It gives some feedback about if they liked what they read, about questions in case these appear while reading. It always makes me happy, even the comment only says: Thanks! or Great! It's still a feedback. I also appreciate that someone who read my blog, takes hers or his time for writing a comment.

I like to comment blog posts myself, though I have to admit, that the more I blog myself, the less time I have to write comments for other bloggers. I still try to find time for that, especially when reading my favorite blogs.

I think there is a long way from having few comments to close my blog for it. I do write mostly because I like reading and expressing my thoughts and emotions about it. I blog because I love it. Don't get me wrong here, I appreciate all my readers, but I would never close my blog because someone is not commenting.

Of course, I have people who read my blog and write comments. I have never felt that there are too few comments below the posts I have written. So in that way I can say I'm lucky and my readers like to write comments once and a while. What I want to say here is, that even if nobody would comment my posts, I would not close my blog, because blogging is something I do for me. Blogging is my hobby (well, sometimes it is more like having a second job) and reading is my passion. I think if I wouldn't have any comments, I would think more about how to make my blog more interesting for the readers. People do tend to comment if they like what they read.

The fact that people do read my blog is more important to me than the fact how many comments I have under different blog posts.

By the way, the blogger who promised to close her blog, she luckily didn't do that. She still keeps blogging and I am glad for her that she does.

What do you think? How important is the number of comments for you? Have you ever thought about closing your blog because nobody comments?

I f you have a blog where nobody comments, send me the link, I will come by and write couple of comments! If that is what it takes for people to continue blogging - count me in!

Happy reading!


  1. Closing a blog because people don't comment is unnecessary. If people aren't commenting, it's better to explore why the content doesn't engage the readers. Comments are a helpful way to gauge the effectiveness of articles and promotion, but they aren't the end to the means, either.

  2. Hi Sara,
    Thanks for coming by! :)
    I absolutely agree with you.

  3. Wow closing a blog because people aren't commenting, yeah I'd stop visiting that blog right there. I love when people comment but I'm not going to hold a gun to peoples heads and make them. Some posts get no comments other that I wouldn't expect many if any comments sometimes get the most. It's hard to figure it out but shutting down a blog sure isn't going to get you answers.


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