Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Wonderings (8) - Going to BEA 2012

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

Today I am going to share some news with you. People, I am going to BEA 2012!!! Yes, BookExpo America 2012, here I come! Well, not exactly going right now, but in June 2012.

BookExpo America is taking place from the 5th of June until 7th of June 2012 in Javits Center in New York City! On the 4th of June I will also participate at the Book Blogger Convention.

I am so excited about it. I have been visiting BEA homepage for several days now waiting the online registration to be opened! It will probably happen in 2012, but it has been fun reading about different events happening during BEA.

Even though there is more than half a year to the event, I'm already planning it. Since I'm from the other side of the ocean and since it's my first trip to United States, I need to start thinking about the costs. I have made some research about what the flight will cost approximately and what the hotel might cost. To be honest, I already have a potential hotel where to stay and I will do it together with other book bloggers. Kendra, if you read the post - thank you for including me!

It will be so much fun to participate BEA together with people who have been there before. It will definitely demand lot of planning and asking questions and contacting the authors and publishers whom I know and who will also be there and whom I'd like to meet.

The Javits Center in NY is huge and I know that it is going to be overwhelming for me to be there and finding my way around there, but I think that thorough planning will at least help a little.

Since I'm a book blogger, I will be registered as Press/Media which will give an opportunity to cover the event in my blog and potentially also in other medias. I haven't decided yet, if I will cover the event only for my blog or also for other channels. there are lots of possibilities here, so I need to spend some time to find out exactly what I want and can do. One thing is sure, BEA will be covered in Me and Reading! Everything besides that will also be fun!

Happy reading!


  1. That will be so cool. Glad you get to go and look forward to the posts.

  2. roro, thank you. there is still time for that, half a year!

  3. Sophia, Yes, I am looking very much forward to that, too! I hope that I will get part of my costs covered. If not, I will be going anyway! :)

  4. I've been planning on going to BEA since I found out what it was in June. My hotel has been booked for months and I am anxiously awaiting registration. It's going to be a blast!

    Hope I get to see you there, Inga!