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Review of Indivisible by Jessica McQuinn - 5 stars!

Author: Jessica McQuinn

Title: Indivisible
Release date: 25th of January 2011
Published by: Omnific Publishing
Reading level: FICTION – Adult: Contemporary Military Romance
URL: http://www.jessicamcquinn.com/
Pages: 342 pages in paperback
Source: I won the book from author during a giveaway

Summary from Goodreads:

Charlie and Gideon Cooper's story begins where most romance stories end: at the happily ever after. Gideon's protective nature makes Charlie feel safe and happy in her new life as the wife of a Navy SEAL—until her happily comes crashing down around her. And though she’s surrounded by loving family and friends, instead of pulling together in the wake of Charlie’s ordeal, their secrets and wrong perceptions threaten to break them all apart. The experience will test the bond they share and determine whether Charlie and Gideon are truly Indivisible.
Jessica McQuinn skillfully pulls readers into the conflicting emotions of an entire family—the traumatized wife, the far-away husband, the inadequate younger brother, the over-nurturing mother. McQuinn lets readers see their strengths and their vulnerabilities—everything that makes them human. And all the while, she deftly weaves in entertaining interactions so readers get to know and adore the characters’ lighter sides, even as the story ventures into dark territory. Indivisible is an unforgettable story of the power of love and the importance of trust.

My review:

I loved this book! I absolutely adored this book! I read it in one sitting and when I turned the last page, I still did not want to put this book away. Jessica McQuinn has created a fantastic book filled with romance, tragedy, sorrow, happiness, trust, family which is wonderfully combined into one story. I really enjoyed it, especially because she is dealing with very difficult topics and being able to show that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It had the magical aura around it which made you think that even though life treats you unfairly, there is a way to come through all the difficulties.


Regarding the plot:

The plot starts with backlashes to the beginning of Charlie’s and Gideon’s relationship. They have been married for one year and while Charlie is preparing their one year’s of wedding anniversary, the author takes us back to how Charlie and Gideon meet, how they get married and how the first year of marriage has been and also introduces us to their families. At the same time Gideon is on his way home to Charlie and trying to think of a way to tell Charlie, that he has to go to a mission. Mission, which can be lethal and will last for 6 months.

After Gideon is telling Charlie the news, the relationship is getting more complicated and they have only three days to fix it. Charlie finds it difficult that she will be left home alone, not knowing what is going to happen to her husband. She is scared and afraid of telling it to Gideon.

After Gideon leaves, Charlie needs to deal with the fact that her husband is a NAVY Seal and she cannot change that. She finds support at Gideon’s family who treats her like their own daughter.

Two weeks after Gideon has left, Charlie gets a visit from military representative – at least that is what Charlie thinks. She is scared to death that the guy will bring her very bad news from Gideon. She can barely stand on her feet when the guy enters.

But there is no bad news. The guy who is member of Gideon’s team has other plans. He rapes Charlie brutally. After the rape he threatens to kill Gideon if Charlie tells.

Now the story gets really complicated. Charlie is devastated, shamed and afraid. Charlie needs to deal with consequences what has been done to her. She cannot tell anything to Gideon.

The pain and complexity of the story changes when Gideon’s brother sees the rapist to leave Charlie’s apartment with the smile on his face. Tyson, Gideon’s brother is convinced that Charlie is cheating on Gideon. Tyson does not even consider other possibilities and makes sure that Gideon who is still on a mission will know about that.

Charlie has no idea what Tyson has done and keeps trying putting her life together again. She finds out that she is pregnant. Luckily she finally confides to Paige – Tyson’s girlfriend and gets lot of support from her.

When Gideon comes back, the situation in the family is horrible – Charlie avoids her in-laws, Tyson has been treating Charlie very badly. There is a lot to make up and repair.

Patching up all the scars is a painful process and so is finding the trust again. The author tells this story through the aspect of finding the trust, finding the will to heal, forgiving yourself and others. It’s a story about family which almost breaks up because of the pain, missing trust.

What I really loved about Indivisible is that both Charlie and Gideon are finding each other again and that their families do find the strength to support each other and continue the healing process. Everybody was influenced by the rape, not only Charlie and Gideon, but everybody around them

Regarding the characters:

I adored the main characters: Charlie and Gideon. Charlie was so strong and yet so fragile after the rape. I also admired her strength to find the love to Gideon. Even after the rape her main concern was to make sure that Gideon is alright, that he can concentrate to his mission and not to get hurt. I really loved how Charlie finally found the energy to go against the rapist, to stand up for herself and all the other women the violator has raped. Gideon was loveable, I really loved the fact that even after Tyson told him about cheating, and he never gave up on his love and trust towards Charlie. It was adorable how he managed the knowledge about the violation of Charlie. His support to Charlie was admirable.

I think that the author did wonderful job with the supporting characters! All of them had a huge role to play in the story. Tyson, who was conflicted person, who really wanted to be like his brother that he forgot finding out who he was himself. Paige - who was calm, nice, balanced person and who forced Charlie to go on with the life. Gabby, who had temper as big as life itself and who stood up for Charlie, when she needed it mostly. All the supportive characters were so smoothly connected to the story and to the main characters that I cannot even imagine the book being without any of them. Brilliant work from the author!


I have only positive words about this book! It was brilliantly written for contemporary military romance. I also enjoyed that there was so much humor in this otherwise serious book. I laughed a lot and the humor also balanced the seriousness of the Indivisible. There were lots of funny scenes from the hospital when Charlie was given a birth, in the dialogue between the characters. I loved the humor!

Generally, this book is definitely a must read book if you enjoy contemporary romance. Jessica McQuinn is definitely an author worth reading and I cannot wait until she writes and publishes new books!

5 Flowers!

5 stars!

Happy reading!


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