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Review of The Accidental Activist by Alon Shalev - 5 stars

Author: Alon Shalev

Title: The Accidental Activist
Release date: 19th of November 2010
Published by: Three Clover Press
Reading level: FICTION – Adult: Courtroom Drama, Legal/Political Thriller, Romance
URL: http://www.alonshalev.com/
Pages: 272 in Kindle
Source: Ebook received from the author and from Premier Virtual Author Book Tours for reviewing

Summary from Goodreads:

David meets Goliath in the law courts of England in the 1990's. The advent of the Internet is leveling the playing field as a multinational corporation tries to silence two young political activists in a riveting court case that captivates the political and business world's attention.

The Accidental Activist is a political courtroom confrontation between a multinational corporation and two young activists who manage to defend themselves using a new and emerging tool – the Internet. The Accidental Activist is a fictional account that closely parallels the famous McDonalds libel case, which captivated England through the 1990’s. But it is also the transformation of a self-absorbed computer yuppie, motivated to act first by love and then by a belief in a better world. The world can be changed, one megapixel at a time!

My review:

I was contacted by Premier Virtual Author Blog Tour for reviewing The Accidental Activist by Alon Shalev. I liked the blurb of the book and decided to read it. I did not have to be disappointed, even though I did not know anything about the author or his works. I rarely read court room suspense. I do like to watch movies, but many of the court room books get boring because of the missing or bad dialogue. The Accidental Activist was really good: the story was interesting, dialogue captivating, lots of good British humor and believable characters.

Regarding the plot:

The story is based on McDonalds libel case from 1990’s, so it is based on a real court case. The real case is turned into an interesting fiction about Matt who wants to help Suzie to fight against a big multinational corporation. She has been dealing out leaflets which assumedly were damaging corporation’s image and she is accused for libel. Matt uses one of the most powerful tools – Internet – to aid her.

What was especially interesting was to read about how the legal system worked in England. There were many descriptive scenes in The Accidental Activist which gave engaging picture of the court and the legal system itself. The second aspect which I was little worried about before starting to read the book, was the dialogue. It was in my opinion brilliantly managed and the humor was sophisticated. The dialogue supported the narrative in a way that it kept you reading, wanting to know what will happen next.

It was easy to read, the language which was used was colorful, professional and not too difficult for a courtroom story.

Regarding the characters:

When I finished the book, I realized that the characters were tools to creating an interesting story and supporting the narrative and the author did it really professionally. I am not saying the characters were unnecessary, but in order to bring this case alive and readable as fiction, Matt and Suzie were needed. The main character for me was the McDondald’s court case itself. And it was good and well described!


The Accidental Activist was one of the best courtroom novel’s I have read. I thoroughly enjoyed it – the narrative, characters, the court case, the usage of Internet in the 1990s. the author bring McDonald case alive and that is the best part of the book – you feel the anger, the frustration, the injustice, the happiness. This is what I mean by saying that this book was alive!

5 Flowers!

5 stars.

Thanks goes to the author and Premier Virtual Author Book Tours for providing me with review copy!

I will have the interview with the author Alon Shalev tomorrow, so definitely come back tomorrow to read the interview!

Happy reading!

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  1. I thought it was really good courtroom drama as well. I enjoyed getting to know Matt and Suzie.