Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Look Forwards (17)

Happy Monday everybody!

Time to see what this week will bring.


I need to announce several giveaway winners and the winner posts will come later today: According to Plan giveaway, Fate Fixed giveaway, Genesis giveaway, Romance at Random giveaway and last, but not least November giveaway. So have little patience, and the posts will start showing up.

Otherwise, 1000+ Giveaway is still running I have already added couple of authors to the post and will add one more author and books to the list later today.

Then later this week, the will be another big giveaway hop from 17 - 27 November 2011 - Gratitude Giveaways.

Blog Tours:

There will be True Grime blog tour stop here on the 17th of November. My post includes the review of True Grime.


I will post interview with another 1000+ Giveaway participants, with author Kallysten, who writes romances and erotica books. It's going to be interesting!

Reviews, reviews and again reviews! Plus weekly memes. And maybe couple of surprises!

Happy reading!

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  1. Sounds great! Looking forward to the weekly line-up.


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