Thursday, November 10, 2011

Behind the Screen (9)

Happy Thursday night!
Time to talk about what has been going on behind the screen!


Not very many news this week. It has been busy when it comes to blogging, but nothing major. The end of last week, I was preparing my 1000+ Giveaway post and it took lots of preparations: sending emails to authors, keeping them posted with what I have done, creating lists of all the author links etc. But it was fun! I really enjoyed it. At the very moment there are 101 participants, but there is still long way to December 4.

While blogging:

Can you imagine posting cover pictures of 47 books if you have to it manually? Manually in that sense, that instead of using amazon link now I have to copy paste them into the blog. it is so time consuming!

I have got SO many invitations to blog tours. I have realized that now I can choose to say no. It might sound very arrogant, but it feels good, that I have a choice. Well 3 months ago I also had a choice, but when you are fairly new to blogging, you would like to participate in everything. Now I understand that it is exactly what you need to do when you do not have any experience with being a hostess - you participate in many blog tours, and when you already have more experience, it is much easier to choose. There is no rush anymore!

While reading:

I have read quite many very good books lately! The last very funny experience was while reading Indivisible by Jessica McQuinn. it was such a good book - it made me cry, it made me laugh to tears, it made me think. Can't wait to post the review about it. The book itself touches many serious topics like rape and the "afterlife" after the rape. But it has so many positive notes and aspects, so it was very enjoyable. She had an incredible ability to make me laugh!

During reading another book (which I will not name here at the moment, but when you will see the review, you will understand which one I am talking about) I was thinking how much I dislike, when the book is ending too abruptly. I guess you know these kind of novels too, when the whole story builds up to an ending which might be interesting and then.... the bad guy is caught, ending is happy... and that's it! How did it happen, why did it happen - no explanation. There is an ending, but there is no substance in it. These kind of endings always make me think that dear authors, when you write otherwise an excellent story, don't ruin it with writing an ending which clearly shows, that you did not have more time to write the ending. Deadlines are meant to be kept, I do understand that, but don't ruin your book with bad time management!


My paper book shelves are screaming at the moment: "We want more!!!!!" Read: I haven't got/bought ANY paper books lately. It actually makes me little sad. I do love reading and I do enjoy reading ebooks, but I miss the smell and the feel of the paperbooks. Since I live far from most of the authors I am reviewing, I am always receiving ecopies, which is fine. I do understand the difference in costs, I really do. I think the reason I am commenting about this at all, is that I need a Kindle device. I hate taking my laptop to my bed and I do love reading in my bed - see the conflict here?! I am using Kindle for PC for most of my ebooks...

Oh, by the way, I decided that in case I am going to buy books, I will try to buy them in paper. Then I can at least satisfy my need for paperbooks. (Well, it also depends on the shipping price and that's why I buy most of my paperbooks from The Book Depository and my Kindle books in

I NEED Kindle Fire! That is on the top of my Christmas wish list. And if nobody will gift it too me, then I will buy a present to myself! My guess would be, that this is exactly what is going to happen. :)


What happened to amazon associates in Blogger? Anybody knows? It was so easy earlier to link to books in amazon, but it just disappeared from one day to another. it is so annoying and time consuming to copy the covers and add them as pictures. If someone knows how to fix it, I would be very grateful!

Second thing which I have struggled with is resizing Google forms into the blog posts. Lets say that I have google form inside the blogpost for for example giveaway, it is always wide than the blog post template. Anyone can advise me, how to make the Google form as wide as the blog post? These forms are running into the sidebar and I don't like it at all!

Facts and numbers:

The most popular post this week has been my 1000+ Giveaway post with 523 pageviews, the second popular post is November Giveaway Hop with 486 pageviews and on the third place you can find Guest Post written by author Catherine Astolfo with 42 pageviews. No surprise, that people love giveaways!

GFC follower increased from 897 to (hold your breath, please) 1142 during last 1,5 months. +245 followers!
The biggest number of visitors this week are from US - 969 hits, the second place goes to Canada with 152 hits and third place to UK with 142 hits and fourth place to Estonia with 88 page hits.

Last week there were visitors from 49 countries. Love it!

Page views all time history shows 29.518. That is +11.097 visitors since September!!!

That's it for this week!


  1. Wheww! All that work is greatly appreciated by your followers.

  2. Thanks Sophia for encouraging words!