Thursday, November 24, 2011

Behind the Screen (11)

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thursday and I would like to share with you what I have been doing behind the screen. Most of you probably enjoy your time with your family, but we do not celebrate Thanksgiving here, so for me it's just an ordinary evening. Besides that, my kid is sick with stomach virus, so it has been hectic couple of days and nights.


As mentioned in last week's Behind the Screen post, I will be in Istanbul next week, so I am not sure how many posts I will manage during the business trip. Hopefully I will get to post lots of reviews though.

I started to plan my trip to New York in June 2012. That also means that I have started searching ways how to get at least part of my costs covered. The trip will cost approximately 1300 $ with flight tickets and hotel plus also living there, so the total amount will be quite big. I would like to stay for two weeks and get the week of BEA covered by sponsors and pay the rest of it myself. The idea is to give coverage to interested media in case they are wiling to cover at least my flight tickets. I am guessing that there will be nobody else from Estonia going there :)
Oh, there is a donate button also on the sidebar, in case you are interested. The amounts that are donated will go only for two purposes: trip to BEA and for international giveaways.

While blogging:

I have updated Blog Tours and Giveaway pages and the information there should be updated.

There is though one more thing I will add later today and tomorrow and that is a Scavenger hunt I will be hosting. One of the author friends - S.M. Reine is organizing that and it's going to be fun!

As you can see on the giveaway page, there will be many big giveaway hops in December! I am looking very much forward to that.

I have had a lot of communication with authors and there will be some guest posts coming up soon. I always enjoy chatting with them, it's nice!

While reading:

I am little stuck with my reading because I am reading a book, which is not an easy read. I like the book, it's Craig Robertson's Snapshot (Simon and Schuster UK), it is just one of these books, which takes time. It is little macabre and it means that I cannot read too many pages at a time.


Every day when I am checking my mail box (not emails, but snail mail box) I am excited, because I should soon be receiving some very interesting and good paperbacks from authors. As you know I love paper books and it always makes me very happy when someone is willing to mail paper books to me to Estonia. These books have an honorable place in my bookshelves. :)

There was a giveaway Save a Turkey Blog Hop Tour organized by different authors and I participated and won four books:

A New Dream by Elaine Cantrell (Astrea Press)
The Chosen by Andrea Buginsky (Solstice Publishing)
Into Thin Air by Valerie Maarten (Independently published by Valerie Maarten)
Seasons Readings - An Anthology of Holiday Stories (anthology) which I also got from Valerie Maarten. It's a free download on

Facts and numbers:

The most popular post this week has been Gratitude Giveaways post with 396 pageviews, the second popular post is 1000+ Giveaway with 47 pageviews and on the third place you can find Follow Friday post with 29 pageviews. Again, giveaways! 

GFC followers increased from 1172 to 1213 during last week. +41 followers during the week!

The biggest number of visitors this week are from US - 664 hits, the second place goes to Canada with 80 hits and third place to Estonia with 71 hits and fourth place to Germany with 45 page hits.

Last week there were visitors from 29 countries.
Page views all time history shows 32.469. That is +1299 pageviews since last week! That makes an average of 185 daily views.

And that is it for today.

Happy reading!

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  1. Hi Inga! I just found your blog while doing a search for my book...small world! Again, I hope you enjoy the book, and I'm glad you enjoyed the blog hop. Happy holidays!



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