Thursday, November 17, 2011

Behind the Screen (10)

Happy Thursday everybody!
Time to tell you about what I have been doing Behind the Screen!


I have added several authors to my 1000+ Giveaway, so there will be more authors and winners that I originally planned. I hope that makes my readers happy! It definitely makes me happy!

I will be on the business trip from 29th of November until 2nd of December, so that means that my blog will take a lower pace for a week. I will still post blog tours and giveaways what I have promised, but I am not sure how much time I will have otherwise for blogging. I will be going to Istanbul, Turkey again!

While reading:

Oh boy, I have read again several very good books. Sometimes I am wondering if I'm an easy reader and reviewer or I just have a good nose or gut for good books. When I looked backwards, I have seldom had reviews with a 3 star rating, never had to give 1 star as a rating while reviewing. It makes me think if I am lucky to get my hands into very good books or am I a poor reviewer. Of course, I would like to think that I make right choices when picking up books. Reading has been nothing but a pleasure lately.

While blogging:

Well, I had a need to get better overview about deadlines and time frames, so I went through all the requests: requests for interviews, reviews, guest posts, book tours, giveaways etc and I made some changes in my planning. I also labelled all my emails into different groups. Now I have requests divided into different categories and also into months. It gives me much better overview in which order I should start reading the books or writing the posts. Of course, I do use Google calendar, but I simply needed more order and structure in my correspondence. It took me almost three days to go through everything. I realized that I have few plans already for April next year. :)

I am very happy that my blog has grown. Not only in numbers, but also with the requests. What I mean is, that what can make a blogger happier than increasing number of authors contacting? There is another side of it also. I wish I could work as a blogger for full time, because there are so many wonderful books to read, interviews to make, posts to write... The time is the issue here. When I started blogging I never even imagined that I would come to the situation when I have to say no to an author. That makes my heart bleed. Especially when I can see from the blurb and excerpt that this is the book exactly for me. It actually makes me feel sorry that I have the daily work. Don't get me wrong, I love my daily job. But I love reading and blogging too. So now I have to find the balance between the daily work, blogging and my son (not necessarily in this order). I am sure that the balance will come, I have no doubts about it. It's just difficult to make these choices. I want it all!

Facts and numbers:

The most popular post this week has been November Giveaway post with 164 pageviews, the second popular post is Gratitude Giveaways which started today with 131 pageviews and on the third place you can find my 1000+ Giveaway with 127 pageviews. No surprise, that people love giveaways! The most popular non-giveaway related post is on the fifth place and it is my Father's Day - How my dad influenced my reading? with 32 pageviews.

GFC followers increased from 1142 to 1172 during last week. +30 followers!

The biggest number of visitors this week are from US - 952hits, the second place goes to Estonia with 127 hits and third place to Canada with 92 hits and fourth place to UK with 49 page hits.

Last week there were visitors from 51 countries. Sometimes I am wondering that how these people find my blog!

Page views all time history shows 31.240. That is +1722 visitors since last week! That makes an average of 246 daily views.

And that is it for today.
Happy reading!


  1. great behind the scenes
    suriname is folowing aswell,giggle giggle

  2. Wow, you get to travel to Istambul. Even if it is for work, that must be something incredible to see.

    Great news on getting organized differently so you can spend more time with your son and your reading.

    Thanks for sharing!