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Review of Awaken the Highland Warrior - 5 stars!

Author: Anita Clenney

Title: Awaken the Highland Warrior
Series: Connor Clan #1
Release date: 1st of May 2011
Published by: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Imprint: Mass Market Paperback
Reading level: FICTION – Adult: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 448 pages in PDF
Source: Ebook received from the author for reviewing

Summary from Goodreads:

A man from another time...

Faelan is from an ancient clan of Scottish Highland warriors, charged with shielding humanity from demonic forces. Betrayed and locked in a time vault, he has been sleeping for nearly two centuries when spunky historian Bree Kirkland inadvertently wakes him. She's more fearsome than the demon trying to kill him, and if he's not careful, she'll uncover the secrets his clan has bled and died to protect...

Could be the treasure she's been seeking all her life...

When Bree inherits an old treasure map, she discovers a warrior buried in her backyard. But the warrior isn't dead. Bree shocks Faelan with her modern dress and her boldness, and he infuriates Bree every time he tries to protect her.

With demons suddenly on the move, Bree discovers that Faelan's duty as protector is in his blood, and that her part in this fight was destined before she was born. But nothing is ever what it seems...

My review:

I loved it! I read it in one sitting; I could not put the book away. It did not matter, that it was already 3 am in the morning, but I finished it! It was romantic, exciting, funny book to read. I really enjoyed the writing, the story itself and characters! Well, give me a Scottish warriors and I’m totally hooked.

Regarding the plot:

Meet Bree – a sassy woman who thinks that she is about to find a treasure in the chapel in her backyard. Surprise, surprise! What she finds is a gorgeous Scottish warrior Faelan, who has been captured by the demon in the time vault for 150 years.

Bree is suspicious that Faelan is nothing more but a thief, who took her treasure. Well, thief dressed in a kilt and acts like he really is from the past. Faelan again is suspicious of Bree being a demon or halfling or just accomplish of the demon that put him in the time vault. So both Bree and Faelan have lot to learn about each other and as the story develops also learn to trust each other.

Step by step they realize that they not only need to trust each other, but also have to, because someone is after a book and a key which Bree has and which helped her to open the time vault. Besides trust there is a fast growing attraction, Faelan has serious difficulties with keeping his hands and other body parts off from Bree. Faelan is also intimidated by a woman like Bree – he has never even seen woman who lives alone without a male protector and who wear jeans and tank tops; that is very strange for Faelan.

Story brings both Bree and Faelan to Scotland, because Bre finds out who Faelan is from and to both of their big surprise, there is a whole big clan of relatives – Connor Clan – clan of warriors!

I loved the plot. In one way you could say, that it’s a typical battle between the good and the evil, but there is so much more in this story.

Regarding the characters:

The main characters were perfect for each other! Bree was adventurous, bold and was not afraid of digging in the graves or save the love of her life. She was one (excuse my language) kickass heroine! Faelan was a male who was so confused by contemporary women and world, but learned quite quickly how to live and survive in it. I also adored the whole Connor Clan and can’t wait to start reading the next book in the series.


Awaken the Highland Warrior was very good paranormal romance book. It has magic about it and you find captivating characters, good plot, good versus evil, adventure and action in it. Very good start for the Connor Clan series! Can’t wait start reading the second book in the series!

5 Flowers!

5 stars

Happy reading!

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  1. This sounds good and I adore Highlanders. Thanks for posting!