Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Look Forwards (15)

The summer is unfortunately over. Weather is getting colder and rainier and days shorter and wind grows stronger. There are still leaves on the trees, but couple of more windy weeks and the colorful autumn will be replaced with crueler autumn. There was only 5 degrees Celsius this morning.

The above also means that the summer fun is past for this year and there are less distractions from the blogging, which is one of the good things about autumn and winter - you have more time to do indoors things. I haven't been posting my Monday posts for a while and now it's time to see what this week will bring to Me and Reading.

Let's start with giveaways.


Giveaways during this week:
7-22 October 2011 - Ebook giveaway - Expendable by Maggie Jaimeson
13-30 October 2011 - Ebook giveaway - According to Plan by Madison J. Edwards - Will be posted on Thursday.

Blog Tours this week:

There will be only 1 additional blog tour this week: According to Plan Blog Tour on Thursday where my stop will include interview with the author, review and giveaway.


This week will mainly focus on reviews because I am not only little behind, but heavily behind with reviews. There are several books which I've finished reading and need to write and post the reviews. There will be reviews of mystery, romance, poetry - from very different genres this week. The plan is to post 8 reviews, so let's see if everything will go according to the plan. :)

Weekly memes:

I will also do my best to participate in my weekly memes.

Monday Looks Forward on Monday
Teaser Tuesday on Tuesday
Wednesday Wonderings on Wednesday
Behind the Screen on Thursday
Follow Friday and Book Blog Hop on Friday
In My Mailbox on Sunday

Besides all the above, I will have couple of other surprise posts coming during this week! :) And my 1000 follower giveaway is on its way soon - you don't want to miss that!

That's it at the moment! Happy reading, everybody!

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