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Marking Time Blog Tour by Sandra Sookoo - Character Interview and Excerpt

It's here! welcome to my stop of Marking Time Blog Tour! this tour is organized by Sizzling PR and the author Sandra Sookoo. This post includes a Character Interview, information about Marking Time and about the author.

I am so happy to welcome the author, Sandra Sookoo! Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to her and to Marking Time!

Character Interview

Thanks for having me on your blog today! I’ve brought along a couple of guests. I hope you don’t mind. Sam and Ava from MARKING TIME are joining me, so let me ask them a few questions.

Sandra: So, Ava, what’s it like being a time-traveler from the modern world?

Ava: It’s kinda like a slap upside the head right after you’re sucked into a tornado. *she shivers* There I was, minding my own business when some meddling member of the Fae thought I needed a different perspective on my life. She brought me to Strange Hollow in the year 1900, thank you very much.

Sam: Stop complaining, woman. You are having a grand time with me there. *He flashes a charming smile* Honestly, Strange Hollow is a quaint town—once you get used to its quirks.

Sandra: Oookay. Sam, I understand you’re a phoenix. I’m not real sure what exactly your race is like outside of being very mysterious and rare. Can you tell me more?

Sam: I appreciate the chance to elaborate. Yes, I am a phoenix. While there are many females of my species, only one male of pure bloodlines can be alive at one time. Unfortunately, I’m at the end of my lifespan. With no heirs on the horizon, I fear for the future.

Ava: *She leans forward conspiratorially* There are rumors that say his “little Sammy” doesn’t work like it used to.

Sam: That is not a topic one should discuss in polite company.

Ava: Let’s ask one of the blog readers to belch or chew with their mouths open, then it won’t be so polite.

Sandra: All right, moving on. Sam, Ava, did you both need to work together to solve Ava’s time travelling dilemma?

Sam: I’m afraid there was no solving it. She had no way back and needed to accept her new lot in life.

Ava: Oh, but don’t think I wasn’t pissed off about it! I protested, I argued with the founder of the town. Nothing worked, which was okay because I got to know Sam, who by the way, wouldn’t let me have a beer.

Sam: Again, polite women don’t drink such a thing.

Ava: I’ll bet “polite” women don’t do a lot of things I do. Lighten up, buster.

Sandra: Maybe we should just let the two of them go on their merry way. Instead, here’s a blurb and excerpt from MARKING TIME for your enjoyment.


Ava Lesarris has her life figured out. She has a great job, has accepted her latent wolf shifter identity and is looking forward to climbing the corporate ladder. When a faulty GPS unit leads her to a town called Strange Hollow, she’s in a quandary, even more so when she’s suddenly transported back to the year 1900.

Sam Tremaine is the last of his kind. He’s a phoenix, living in Strange Hollow during what should have been its greatest time—the founding year, but he can’t enjoy it. He’s dying which leaves him with one regret. He’s never found a woman whose spirit is as strong as his own. He wants be remembered but time is running out, not to mention he hasn’t been able to get “it” up for months.

Worlds collide as the past and present come together in Strange Hollow. Ava will need to figure out her purpose while Sam struggles to come to terms with his fate. If they’re lucky, the special town will offer the answers they’re both seeking before the next phase of life begins.

Book video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNfVHKyxHK4


Jamming his top hat on his head, not caring that he upset the waves his valet had fussed over for endless moments that morning, Sam yanked the thin leather gloves on. Where was she? As he glanced up and down the street, he spied her dark silhouette disappearing into Lady Cynthia’s Dressmakers a block up the road. Not an ideal situation by any stretch, he supposed he could wait for her outside. Although, how would he explain himself once she emerged?

Lost in thought, he arrived at his destination long before he’d worked the explanation out in his head. I could shift into my phoenix form, wait for someone to open the door, then fly inside the shop to spy on her, except… The string of vulgarity he wanted to spill died in his throat as the vine-carved wooden door opened to reveal a couple of lace-draped women. “I beg your pardon.” Moving out of their way, Sam politely held the door as they stepped onto the leaf-strewn walkway.

When they nodded their thanks, he knew a few seconds of acute indecision before shoving his doubts to the side. With a deep breath, he entered the dress shop and immediately found himself in a stately parlor, complete with dainty furnishings trimmed in gilt, floral-printed fabrics at the windows and thick, inviting oriental rugs. Behind closed doors, the high-pitched titters of female laughter filled the air. Occasionally, an authoritative set of instructions would cut the gaiety short. No doubt overworked seamstresses or harassed companions.

As he stood gaping, a side door opened and a matronly woman joined him in the room. Dressed in black crepe, her gray hair was arranged in braided coils around her head and an expression of mild distaste lined her round face.

“May I help you, sir? It is highly irregular for a male to enter this establishment.” Her double chins quivered in apparent fury.

Sam swallowed as his throat had suddenly grown thick and dry. “I am searching for a woman.”

An elderly eyebrow soared. “Sir, Lady Cynthia’s is not that sort of place.”

“I am aware, thank you.” Heat infused his face, from embarrassment or outrage at her claim, he couldn’t say. “Not two minutes ago, I witnessed a woman come in here dressed in strange clothing. I did not recognize her and wish to see if I could be of assistance to her as she settles into Strange Hollow.” Ice dripped from his words, but his displeasure wasn’t enough to leave an effect on his hostess.

She held her ground as sure and stubborn as she held his gaze. Sam refused to back down. For whatever reason, his interest in the woman went beyond mere curiosity.

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If you’d like to buy the book, it can be found at the following links:

Amazon buy link: http://www.amazon.com/Marking-Time-ebook/dp/B005NXDZG0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1316444235&sr=8-1
All Romance e-books buy link: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-markingtime-601641-140.html
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Author Bio:
Sandra is a writer of romantic fiction. Her portfolio includes historical, contemporary, sci-fi and paranormal romances in full-length books as well as shorts and novellas. No matter if the heat level is scorching or sweet, she loves to blend genres and often times will add humor as well.

When not immersed in creating new worlds and interesting characters, Sandra likes to read, bake and travel. Her favorite place to spend vacation hours is Walt Disney World. It’s where dreams come true and the soul can play. When she’s not writing, she’s keeping things interesting at the Believing is Seeing blog or spending time with her husband.

Thank you so much Sandra for coming by!
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