Monday, September 26, 2011

Me and Egypt, vol 1

Happy Monday, everybody!

As promised I will write several posts about my second trip to Egypt. This is the first of them.
Since I was travelling together with my sister, she has been so helpful to read the text through before I'm posting it. She is also helping me with remembering as many details as possible.

Happy reading!

I was so happy when me and my sister were finally reaching our destination - Sharm el Sheikh international airport. This time the travel was long, because we decided to come to Egypt as cheap as possible and since the direct flights start at the end of October, when flew through several countries. Our journey started on the 5th of September from Tallinn. We flew from Tallinn to Poland, Warsaw and after couple of hours of waiting continued to Vienna in Austria.

We had to spend almost the whole night in Vienna Airport, the final flight to Sharm el Sheikh departured at 05:50 am and that meant cold and uncomfortable waiting time in Vienna. No place to sleep except the chairs in the waiting hall. But we survived that, too!

Except the waiting time in Vienna the trip went well, no delays, nothing unpleasant. There was actually a curious event with me in the ladies room in Warsaw's airport. there was a lady who approached me. She was beautiful and according to her English accent I think she was from one of the African countries, or from Caribbean. She looked like female Masai warrior - tall, slim, with beautiful features. She just looked into my eyes and then something weird happened. Before I managed to react or do anything, she put her hands to my cheeks and said, spurring like a cat with her cute accent: "You are beautiful, my angel. Don't be afraid, my love. You know, what you have to do, just don't be scared of living your life." I was mildly said chocked. She kept going: "Don't be scared to be happy, you are meant to have a beautiful life." I was only able to mumble and ask her: "Where are you from?" I meant the country of her origin, but she smiled and answered: "I am from the heavens above, an angel, my love." She touched my face again, looked into my eyes and repeated: "Don't be afraid. You will have a beautiful life. Don't be scared to take the decision. Good things will be waiting for you, my love." Then she blessed me with the kiss to my forehead saying: "God loves you," and with the second she was gone. I was just standing there, thinking, did that just happened? I looked around to make sure if other women also saw what I just saw. It seemed, that they did, they had smiles on their faces. My next thought was, OK, she was high on something. Then I remembered her eyes and her eyes were clear as spring water. When I went back to my sister, I told her what happened and honestly, I think it was little funny that it happened on the weirdest place - on the ladies room in the airport! My sister was laughing and said that I shouldn't giving it too much meaning. I did. I knew that this trip will probably change my life. How, I had no idea, I just knew it's going to be fantastic trip! And it was.

Finally we got our visas in the airport and could pick up our luggage. The moment I stepped out from the air conditioned airport hall, the hot weather hit me directly in my face - it was so nice and dry! I think the temperature was around 36 degrees, it was very windy and the desert air made my mouth going dry as a sandpaper. I needed some water. I had already forgot how it felt - sun was so bright that it took my eyes a while to adjust, I didn't bring my sunglasses, and the air, the smell of the desert air - it was wonderful!

We stood there for a second or two and then I saw him. He was here! I felt that my heart skipped couple of beats and then went dancing tango - I suddenly forgot everything about the tiresome trip and the hot weather, even my sister! I had only eyes for him. My legs went limp - I have been waiting for that moment for months now! How I've missed his eyes and his smile. I was suddenly nervous. Very nervous... until the moment he reached me and gave me a warm hug and a kiss to my cheek. It felt so good. It was like coming home, to my heart.

After the first welcomes and greetings and talks about the trip, our transportation arrived. Our friends helped us with our luggage and then 20 minutes of drive to our home for the next 14 days started. I was excited! Radio played loudly Egyptian music, melodies that were so suitable for the familiar surroundings. It was so good to see the mountains of Sinai again and feel the hot and dry air of the desert in my nose. It really felt like coming home. Having my hand in his - I felt like teenager in love!

Our room was not ready yet when we arrived to Delta Sharm. We sat in a hall of another room and waited. It was then when I felt how tired I really am. I needed a shower and a bed to sleep in, I haven't got many hours of sleep in Vienna airport. It was only 11 am but it felt like late in the evening. I wanted to change my clothes to something more suitable for 35 degrees. We sat together with him, both impatient to get some time of our own, away from others.

I met him during my first trip to Egypt in March. He was with me and my whole family almost 3 days in March. I liked him from the first moment I met him, he was friendly, smiling, had a good sense of humor and I especially liked his patience with me asking hundreds of questions about Islam and their way of living. He was open to talk about everything and I liked that very much. He was the favorite of our family. I really liked him, but it was right after my divorce, so I saw him as a friend back in March. He was also different from most men I met during my first trip to Egypt - he did not hit on you, he did not come out with lame sentences, he was polite and friendly, and that was something I enjoyed. No corny remarks about beautiful eyes. He even remembered my birthday during my stay and gave me a little present which really warmed my heart. I genuinely liked him. He took his time to find me Egyptian music, he knew a whole lot about history, religion and I adored his sense of humor.

Couple of months after the first trip we continued chatting and talking to each other - until the moment I understood that I was falling for him... badly. And now I was back and not only in Egypt, the country I have always found fascinating because of its history, but also to see him, spend some time with him and to find out if what I felt was really a real feeling.

Finally I saw our apartment, and I loved it! Nice bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom and a nice big balcony. Most of the furniture in red colors.

I was walking from room to room to get my first impressions. I loved it! I was also happy that there was air conditioning in the room. Then, before starting unpacking, I really needed to wash the travel dust off me. I felt like a new person after that. Next thought after the shower was bed - I needed to get some sleep and I already knew that due to the night of travelling, the first day will pass having a rest. I didn't mind that at all.

After several hours of sleep, it was time to unpack and explore the surroundings of the neighbourhood. The location of the apartment in Delta Sharm was very good. The swimming-pool was just one minute of walk away, two supermarkets within half a minutes of walk, taxi was always available. We had everything we needed! First our went to the supermarket to buy water and coffee to the apartment.

When there was a time for dinner, we enjoyed Egyptian food with chicken, lamb, rice and other local goodies. It was delicious! After dinner me and my sis walked a little. The air was wonderful, sun was already set and it was still very warm outside! We walked through the apartment area of Delta Sharm. Delta Sharm is located on a huge area, on the other side you have hotel with restaurants, shops, club and on the other side, were we lived, there were apartment buildings, no higher than two floors. There were lot of green areas, flowers - it was nice!

We walked around the closest pool area and to our big surprise there were people still swimming in it. Usually in Egypt i is not allowed to be in the pool after the sunset, but there were quite many families with kids inside the pool. These families were not tourists like me and my sister, but locals, Egyptians. Later I found out that during the whole first week of the trip, the biggest part of the guests in Delta Sharm were actually Egyptians. When I asked my friend about it, I found out, that Ramadan has just ended couple of days before our arrival and after Ramadan there is 3 days of festival and many Egyptians are visiting Sharm el Sheikh at that time and after that. Since the pool was the center for visitors during the daytime, I loved spending time there observing - I learned a lot about Egyptians exactly near by the pool.

To be continued.


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