Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Wonderings (6)- Today is NOT my day!

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

Want to know how my Wednesday started?! My car decided to break down and of course it happened in the middle of highway and of course during the rush hour. You'd think, it can't get any worse?! Trust me, it can! I waited for the tow car almost for 2 hours!! Finally my car was transported to Honda shop (yes, I'm driving Honda Civic). My life is dependent on my car, so without that, I'm totally in trouble, because I live in the countryside and my kid goes to kindergarten in countryside. I was hoping that I will get my car fixed in the body shop during the day. No such luck! They just called me and told me that new radiator needs to be ordered and changed and I still do not have the answer regarding the engine, they will take the engine off tonight and tomorrow I will know how much it will cost me. Honestly, I don't want to know. Yet. It will take at least 2 days before I get my car back. 

Want to know what's really funny? I have insurance which should guarantee me another car while my own is being repaired. I called to my insurance company and told them what happened and informed them that I need substitution for my car. Now we come to the funny part. You know what they told me? They told me that I picked a WRONG company to order tow car. Can you imagine that?! Lets take a moment here. I am in the middle of highway in a rush hour where there are hundreds of cars driving 120 km/h and my insurance tells me that I picked a wrong company?!!! I called to the first company whose number I got from the info line. I wanted to get away from the highway as quickly as possible and they are telling me, that I got a wrong tow car?!!!

Anyway, I organized a rental car without the help from the insurance company and I'm paying for it. I can survive that. What I cannot survive without is no car at all. So Honda body shop got me a rental car for quite good price and I know that they are doing their best to fix my car ASAP.

Two things are absolutely sure. One, I will change my insurance company. I 'm paying a whole lot of money yearly to support them and I do not get ANY help from them at all, except the "you picked a wrong tow car". Two, my savings for my two-week trip to Egypt will be diminished and most part of it will be invested in my car. Still, I am planning to have a blast in Egypt and enjoy my time there despite everything!

Now you are probably thinking, what does it have to do with books and reading?! Well, while waiting for tow car for 2 hours I read! Imagine that, huh?! How cool is that? Me, sitting in my broken car like on an island in the middle of highway, other cars rushing by. You say dangerous? Indeed! I couldn't get out of the car and I just had to find SOMETHING  positive in my Wednesday!

Happy reading, everybody!


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