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Review of Rowena Through the Wall by Melodie Campbell

Author: Melodie Campbell
Title: Rowena Through the Wall book 1 in Rowena series
Release date: 16th of June 2011
Published by: Imajin Books
Reading level: FICTION - ADULT: Fantasy, Humor, Romance, Adventure
Pages: 228 in Paperback
Source: From the author

From Goodreads:

Rowena Through the Wall (Volume 1)When Rowena falls through her classroom wall and lands in an alternate world, she doesn't count on being kidnapped―not once, but twice―and the stakes get higher as the men get hotter. Unwanted husbands keep piling up, but that doesn't stop her from falling for the wrong brother. Good thing she has the ability to go back through the wall. Or can she?

When I did Meet and Greet post with Melodie, which you can find here, I got some ideas, what Rowena Through the Wall would be like, because I read 3 book excerpts prior to the book. The novel itself was so much better!

My review:

This book made me giggle and laugh like I haven’t done for long time while reading! Rowena Through the Wall started out with lot of action – the main character simply enters to an alternate world through the wall and within less than 100 pages got married more than once, kidnapped several times and survived all that. There were many things happening in the beginning of the book, so I was thinking: Hey, wait a minute, this is so funny and surreal, who are all these men and this simply can’t be happening! It did! With each page I read I enjoyed it more.

As said Rowena Through the Wall was book filled with humor, but somehow, very quietly there is another dimension coming into the picture, the story got more dark and serious. Can you imagine looking at Salvatore Dali’s painting and then changing it subtly into Van Gough painting? Of course, in Rowena Through the Wall the change of the painting was more like from Dali into humorous Van Gough. The humor still remained, but through the plot got more dimensional. To bring in one more comparison, for the moment, towards the end of the book it was like reading George R. Martin’s Game of the Throne series – there was love, friendship, suffering, personal sacrifices, dark magic. I loved that! It gave a lot to this book.

Regarding the plot:

The setting what Melodie Campbell created was fabulous! Rowena, the strong main female character was brought from modern world into the society of men – a world where there were only men. When a beautiful woman ends up in a world with only strong and gorgeous men and no other women besides Rowena, then some things definitely start to happen. After finishing reading I actually realized that throughout the book, there were only two women in this book, Rowena and her student Kendra. Besides the alternate world author created there was also a time aspect, because Land’s End where the story is taking place is not only from couple of centuries back, it was more like thousand years back. It created a lot of situation comics out of it where a man seeing a night gown is asking what kind of undergarment is that and when they see jeans and t-shirt – it is totally out of place for people from Land’s End. It gave the author many possibilities to put the characters into very funny and weird and enjoyable situations.

Regarding the characters:

Rowena was a fascinating person. In the beginning of the book she thought that the alternate world was only in her dreams and she took it as it came – she saw a man who wanted her and she went with it, because it cannot harm you in your dreams. Until she realized that it was real. Rowena was spunky, feisty, and sassy! A character you can truly love. Even though you might not understand her choices completely, she was loveable, funny and a survivor. When Rowena finds out that she is actually missing something in her life, she changed. She got feelings: experiencing love, fear, power – author also brought in Rowena’s weaknesses.

The only other female character in the book was Kendra, Rowena’s student from the vet sciences classes. Kendra was through the story also brought into Land’s End and I loved to see how this firstly weird lonesome goth chick developed into a great support to Rowena. I loved Rowena’s and Kendra’s friendship, it was beautiful!

Besides the female characters, there were many interesting male characters; there were actually lot of them! There were some characteristics which were common to all of them – they all needed Rowena. Of course, they all had a different purpose with Rowena, but they all desperately needed her – for breeding purposes, for having back a family member, for having a friend. The second thing which was common to men in Land’s End was that they were strong personalities, warriors. All male!

My favorite male characters were Thane, Gareth and Cedric, but you will have to read the book to understand me, I don’t want to give too much away.


Read it! You will get lot of laughs, interesting plot, lovable characters and absolutely fantastic world of Land’s End!

5 stars out of 5.

Thank you Melodie, for sharing Rowena Through the Wall with me! Can’t wait for the sequel!


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