Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review of Indian Summer by Emily Cale

Author: Emily Cale

Release date: 11th of June 2011
Published by: Passion in Print Press
Reading level: FICTION - ADULT: Contemporary, Romance, Erotica
Pages: 216 pages in ebook format
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From Goodreads:

Excited to return to field work, Dr. Cara Newman arrives in India ready for a new experience. She'll stop at nothing to make sure her plans to find the nearly extinct Indian wild dog go exactly as she imagines. What she isn't ready for is Jai.

Jai Subramanium isn't sure his new partner is up to the challenge. After years behind a desk, she might not be capable of dealing with the difficulties of navigating the terrain and surviving hours under an unbearably hot sun. What he doesn't expect is the uncontrollable passion between them.

Their forbidden romance isn't the only thing at risk, a group of hunters threaten the lone dog, and places Cara and Jai's relationship and careers in jeopardy.

My review:

When I received Indian Summer for reviewing, then due to the title I was thinking that is has something to do with middle-aged woman seeking for late love. Boy was I wrong! Indian Summer took me exactly to a place indicated in the title, to India! There indeed was a woman, as I guessed and there was love in Indian Summer plus a lot of extras, which I really enjoyed!

Indian Summer takes us to India. Young woman, Dr. Cara Newman is getting an exciting possibility to travel to India and participate in a field work to find and Indian wild dog – dhole. Cara has not been on the field for a while and is little lost and scared when arriving to India. Everything what she sees and experiences is different from her usual surroundings in US.

In the office she is partnered up with Jai who is a doctor turned to zoologist and who is assigned to work on the field together with Cara. Jai and Cara are both little skeptical about each other in the field, but they find the attraction towards each other quite quickly. Jai is awed and sometimes annoyed about Cara’s courage and persistence of finding the dog and Cara is impressed by Jai’s supportiveness. When their relationship is getting more serious, then the differences of the two worlds where they are from are starting to play an important role for both of them.

Indian Summer is not only a typical erotica book, the plot and the story are very solid. Yes, there is a lot of sexual content in this book, but the plot still remains unbiased by it. There is a good story told in Indian Summer! The clash of different cultures, traditions, religion – it’s all there. Besides, the author did an excellent job to describe the surroundings in details – the colorfulness of Indian city, the nature in the desert – you could almost feel and tough the boiling hot temperature, dust and the sand in your mouth while reading! It was definitely both hot and interesting story!

5 Flowers!

My stop of the Indian Summer Blog Tour will be on Monday on the 24th of August, where author Emily Cave is coming by with the guest post and giveaway. Looking forward to that!

Happy reading!

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  1. The author did an incredible job of writing the rich culture of India in such vivid detail, it felt as if I was there. The research that the author must have done to obtain such imagery, phenomenal! It was refreshing to see a not-so-typical setting and really brought the story to another level. Almost as if it were a secondary character.

    Irene (Sell Gold)