Saturday, August 6, 2011

Review of Hot Ticket by Tracy Mancini

Author: Tracy Marchini

Release date: 16th of May 2011
Published by: Squirrel Books
Reading level: FICTION - JUVENILE: Fiction for middle grade, fantasy
Pages: 174 pages in Kindle edition
Source: from the author Tracy Marchini

Summary from Goodreads:

Hot Ticket: Hot Ticket Trilogy (Volume 1)Juliet Robinson is the only sixth grader in John Jay Jr. High who hasn't received a "hot ticket" from the mysterious ticket dispenser. When one of the dorkiest kids in school - Crammit Gibson - receives a ticket before she does, Juliet decides that the ticketing system has to stop. With the help of her best friend Lucy, a Daria-esque Madeline and her almost-crush Crammit, Juliet is determined to climb a few rungs on the middle school social ladder and catch the ticket dispenser once and for all!

HOT TICKET is the first book in the Hot Ticket Trilogy.

My review:

Hot Ticket is a book which touches many topics important to middle grade kids: being liked, getting along, friendship. I enjoyed reading it. It was well written, had very good dialogue, it was filled with quirky humor and believable characters.

Regarding the plot:

Meet Juliet Robinson, a girl who desperately wants to get a ticket. She goes to John Jay Junior High and studies in the 6th grade. It is a special school, because students are given Hot Tickets. These tickets can be given for behaving nicely; doing a good deed, saying something nice, but you can also get shame tickets. The problem is that Juliet has never received ticket and after her best friend Lucy gets a ticket, Juliet decides to find out who is behind the ticket dispenser, who is organizing for creating and giving out the tickets and why is she the only one who has not got any tickets yet.

Regarding the characters:

Juliet was sweet and I enjoyed how the author was describing what was going on in Juliet’s head. Tracy Mancini was able perfectly to create the mind of a 6th grader. It was fun, sometimes annoying, but filled with quirkiness and sincerity. I also enjoyed Crammit, who somehow secretly balanced Juliet’s eagerness.


Hot Ticket is a very suitable book for middle grade readers. I as an adult enjoyed the writing style, the humor, ell written dialogues. The only thing what I am still wondering about is, that Hot Ticket is 1st book in Trilogy, so I am thinking that what the author might add to the plot and characters to write a trilogy out of it. Looking forward finding out how the story will continue.

4 stars out of 5.

Thanks goes to the author Tracy Mancini for providing me with the book!


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