Saturday, August 6, 2011

Review of Deal with the Devil, Part One and Two by J. Gunnar Grey

Author: J. Gunnar Grey

Title: Deal with the Devil Part One and Part Two
Release date: 3rd of May 2011 and 27th of June 2011
Published by: Astrea Press
Reading level: FICTION - ADULT: Historical Mystery
Pages: 286 in Kindle
Source: From the author

From Goodreads:

Wehrmacht Major Faust has a dangerous secret: he likes England. But it’s May 1940 and his Panzers are blasting the British Army off Dunkirk’s beach, so he keeps his mouth shut even though it hurts. When the Waffen SS try to murder their English prisoners of war, Faust helps the POWs escape. Now it’s treason, with his neck on the line.

Deal With The Devil, Part OneThen a friend gets him drunk, straps him into a parachute, and throws him out over Oxford during a bombing run. He’s quickly caught. Because he helped type the battle plan for the invasion of England, Faust cannot allow himself to be broken in interrogation. Two German armies depend on it. But every time he escapes, someone rapes and murders a woman and the English are looking for someone to hang. He’s risking disaster if he stays, someone else’s life if he runs, and execution by the Gestapo if he makes it home.

Major Stoner, professor turned British intelligence officer, sees three possibilities. Faust perhaps was joyriding in that bomber, as he claims. Or he’s on a reconnaissance mission for the German invasion. Or he’s a spy. Stoner must break Faust to learn the truth, no matter how it strains his old heart. He must save England, and his granddaughter.

Their battlefield is confined to a desktop. Only one of them can win. Someone must break. Someone must make a Deal with the Devil.

My review:

I decided to combine the reviews of Deal with the Devil Part One and Part Two because they belong together, it is the same story. Besides that I could read part Two right after part One. Deal with the Devil is a very well written historical novel. J. Gunnar Grey did an excellent work with both books and I have to admit that it is one of the most interesting experiences I have had lately with reading historical novels. Well done! It was written with such a gracious attention on the details and it made the reading experience like watching the best historical movie ever. J. Gunnar Grey was able to create clear picture and vision of the world she wanted reader to see and experience.

Regarding the plot:

J. Gunnar Grey created a setting which takes place during the Second World War where two very different persons meet and collide. One of them is a German who is getting caught in England and who likes England and an Englishman who needs to get secret war plans out of his German counterpart. The “game” between them is serious, but very beautiful for the reader; it is a game of minds. Besides that there is a murder mystery where it would be very easy to blame “the enemy” – the German major Faust. The plot is not just a description of a war where there are good sides and bad sides; it shows that people are just humans and no more. J. Gunnar Grey has succeeded to have so many layers in the book, so it is fascinating!

Regarding the characters:

The devil is in the detail is said and J. Gunnar Grey is an artist painting the details of the characters with many different colors. Characters had depths, wittiness, they were smart, and they all had likable and dislikable characteristics, no character was perfect and I loved that! It was just beautiful read!


As you can already understand, I loved this book! Even if you are not the biggest fan of historical novels, I would highly recommend reading it. You are guaranteed to have an experience of a superb writing.

5 stars out of 5.

I would like to thank J. Gunnar Grey for providing me with both books.


  1. Congratulations to J. Gunnar on a great review. This book is so worth the read.

  2. Thanks Kay for coming by and leaving the comment! It definitely was worth to read, I couldn't agree more with that!

  3. This was one of those books you have to start on a Friday because you won't want to put them down. As I found out

  4. This is exactly what I did! Luckily I also had Part Two available.

  5. Great review. Congratulations Ms. Grey. Can't wait to read this one.

  6. Thank you Jean! And thanks for coming by!

  7. I enjoyed both books too, as well as your well-written review. I highly recommend Deal With the Devil (both parts, of course) to readers who enjoy mystery and history, brought to life by strong characters.

  8. Thank you Sandy for encouraging words! Thanks for coming by!