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Everblue Blog Tour - Review of Everblue by Brenda Pandos

Welcome to my stop at Everblue Blog Tour organized by author Brenda Pandos and Eleni from LaFemme Readers! I am very excited to be part of Brenda Pandos' Everblue Blog Tour! My stop will include review of Everblue and questions to Brenda.

Title: Everblue
Series: Mer Tales – Book One
Release date: 30th of July 2011
Reading level: FICTION - YA: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 308 in ARC Paperback
Source: ARC received from the author

From Goodreads:

Best friends share everything with each other. Or do they? Seventeen-year-old Ashlyn Frances Lanski is tired of her boring, single life. Spending time with her best friend Tatiana, dreaming about kissing Tatiana's twin brother Fin, and swimming competitively are her only sanctuary. The girls plan to leave their drab lakeside town far behind for college. But when Tatchi fails to return home after a family emergency, and no one knows where the family has gone, Ash chooses to do something drastic to find them.

Ashlyn is about to discover what she’d thought to be true her whole life, wasn’t, and the truth, too fantastical to imagine. Secrets lurk beneath the deep blue waters of Lake Tahoe, secrets that will change Ashlyn's life forever.

My review:

WARNING: Includes some spoilers!

I was looking very much forward to read something from Brenda Pandos again and finally I received my signed ARC of Everblue. I was so excited to read it and I did read it in one sitting – I could not put the book down! After I finished the Everblue, I waited for one day and then read it again and the second time and I took more time to savor it! I simply loved every page of this book, inclusive the beautiful and stunning book cover! I loved Brenda’s Everblue! It drew me to the magical land of the big blue ocean, to the fantasy world which I really enjoyed! I have been scuba diving for some years and Brenda’s book seemed so real when she described the underwater world.

It was my first ever mermaid novel, except of course the fairy tales of mermaids I have read when I was a kid. I think this book is exceptional for me in this way, that I can say that it is the best mer-folk book I have ever read!

Regarding the plot:

Ashlyn Frances Lanski is a young high-school girl who dreams about simple things like going to colleague, having a real boyfriend, winning the swimming competition. Ashlyn’s best friend is Tatiana and they share all the details of their lives with each other; actually Ashlyn shares everything what is going on in the school to Tatiana who is home schooled. Tatiana and her family have a big secret which they are trying to hide both from Ashlyn and the rest of the human world.

One day Tatiana, her brother Fin and their parents need to rush away. What Ashlyn doesn’t know is that they are disappearing to underwater world called Natatoria where most of the mer-folk is living. They soon realize that Fin’s and Tatchi’s lives are in danger, because their dad is sent to a mission far away and Fin, Tatchi and their mom is staying in the mercy of natatorian prince Azor who has increasing interest in Tatchi. Tatchi has different dreams, she want to live a human life, go to colleague and live so far away from Natatoria, as possible.

In the meantime, Ashlyn is left behind with worry about her best friend Tatchi and Fin. Ashlyn has always had a crush on Fin and she feels that she has lost both her best friend and the guy who she is in love with. Sometime after Tatchi’s and Fin’s disappearance Ashlyn get an admirer, the coolest and most gorgeous looking Callahan who takes serious interest in Ashlyn. Ashlyn still misses Tatchi and also Fin and realizes that she needs to find out what happened to them. She takes off to the place where three of them used to hang out, Fannette Island.

After that things start to change; Ashlyn and Fin meet again under some unfortunate circumstances and they both realize that they cannot live without each other. Will it be a happy ending to them? Will Tatchi find her way back home again? Can’t tell you, you need to read it yourself!

The settings what Brenda Pandos has created are absolutely admirable! The world of Natatoria is magical and there are so many creative things you can find there: a kingdom with a real court, houses with air bubbles, so the mer-folk can change into humans, promising rituals – it is so wonderfully written!

Regarding the characters:

Characters are interesting and captivating as the plot. The book is written in to POVs, both Ashlyn’s and Fin’s, so you get a good insight into their characters, what they are thinking and feeling.

Ashlyn is one brave girl, not hesitating to finding out what happened to her friends. She is beautiful and loyal to her friends. I loved her character! Fin was adorable and the relationship between Ashlyn and Fin was so intense so it left you with yearning for love.

I felt for Tatchi. I hope that her destiny will change in the coming books. Ashlyn, Finn and her family will definitely have to get her back!

I also loved the supporting characters. One of my favorite ones was merman Badger, who had lot of spunk in him. I loved his accent!

From the other end, talking about the bad guys in the book, I really think Azor was despicable and so was the king.

Brenda did an excellent job with the characters!


I loved this book! It was a book which simply blows you away to a fanciful and magical world! When I turned the last page, I cried, because the ending of the book was beautiful and I was totally frustrated – because I wanted more! I wanted to start reading the sequel right away!

It is in my top 3 YA books this year. I really enjoyed it and Brenda gave me an unforgettable experience with Everblue!
5 Flowers!
5 stars!

Thanks go to Brenda who sent me the paperback ARC of Everblue!

Questions to Brenda:

Every Friday, she will be posting a vlog where she'll be answering questions from participating blogs. My two questions to Brenda are:

1. Where did you come up with the idea of promising ritual? What made me wonder is that human world would be much better place to live at if we’d have the promising and especially bonding like mer-folk have. What do you think about that thought?

2. I think that everybody who has already read Everblue wants to know what will happen next. My question is if you can give little something away about Tatchi’s future?

To see her answers, make sure that you visit her blog on Friday! You can visit her blog every day, but to see the answers, visit her blog on Friday, too! The link is here:

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Happy reading!


  1. Thanks for putting this book on my radar! Your review has caused me to add this to my wishlist!!

  2. Somer, gor for it! It's really good book!