Wednesday, July 6, 2011

News!!! Behind the Screen is here!

Hello dear readers!

As mentioned in my Monday Looks Forward post, I will be starting a new weekly meme.

I have often thought that when you blog, there is actually so much going on, what readers usually do not see when they read your blog. It includes all the hard work most of the bloggers usually do but what cannot be seen, like something funny happens when you read a book or what thoughts do you have in mind when you prepare an interview with an author or fellow blogger.

This meme or weekly post will not include only dry facts, but I want to share the experiences what we have as bloggers when we do something blog-related.

This post today will be the first one, but before we go the Behind the Screen, I would like to join in - only if you want to. I personally think that blogging is so much more than what we just write and show in our blogs and I am more than willing to share that with you. Hopefully you will do that do.

You will find my first Linky list at the end of the post and feel free to join in. I am sure that step by step there will be more people joining it, especially the ones who enjoy all the work we bloggers do behind the screen.

Behind the Screen will be posted every Thursday, today is the only exception. Add your links directly to your Behind the Screen post in your blog. If you can't join this week, then hey, there is always a Thursday in next week and... every week!

I promise, that I will definitely come and read them!

So, here we go!

Behind the Screen (1)

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

Lady Blogger Social Online Conference
Couple of months ago I decided to participate on the online blogging conference "Lady Blogger Social Online Conference" which will take place starting from this Friday the 8th till Sunday the 10th. It is the Online Conference for All Blogging and Social Media Women.

I was really excited about that and finally this week I could start communicating with other participants! So far it has been lot of fun and I am sure that I will learn a lot. I am looking very much forward to the sessions where they talk about the technical part of blogging and also about market affiliates etc.

The participant profiles are very different and only few book bloggers are participating. Still the program is interesting for me as to a relatively new blogger and I can't wait for the sessions to start! I will definitely write something about that conference next week.

You can find more information here.

Preparing interviews

I have to admit, that I love doing interviews! I really enjoy it and this week has given me possibilities to do interviews with 3!!! wonderful authors.

I love searching for information and doing little background search about authors and their books. I am always trying to read (if possible) some of their books or in case it's a debut author then at least the debut novel.

What interests me mostly are the persons behind the authors, to find out who they are and what made them to write what they write. Usually there is a reason behind every book and every character.

I already sent one set of questions to a fellow blogger who is organizing Jennifer Lauren's blog tour of Overprotected. I can't wait to read Jennifer's answers and publish it on my blog.

Since I like doing long interviews, then the next set of questions will be fun to write. These will be to Michael D. Young who will be featured here on the blog on the 13th of July during the book tour of The Last Archangel. I loved The Last Archangel (which will be published in July)  and I was lucky to review it early June and since I do not know much about the author himself, then I've used couple of hours today to read about the author and what other bloggers have written about his book. I am very excited and I have half of the questions ready and hopefully I can mail them to the publicist and the author tomorrow.

Third interview and the only interview you will see posted this week will be with Steve Piacente, the author of Bella. I am little nervous about that because he is a journalist. He has been very kind, but still I am horrified, because the book was so wittily and well written. I think when I start putting the questions to the paper, then some of this fear will disappear. :)

Hopefully authors do not mind long interviews.

Struggling with technicalities

I hate HTML!!! Well, actually, I do not hate that, but I dislike the fact that I am not yet very good at it! There is nothing wrong with it, but I have no clue how to the most simple things with that! (This is also one of the reasons I am participating in a online conference - to learn more).

I decided that I need to improve my skills. I am not even ashamed to say that, because I want to understand how HTML works. Not only HTML, but all the other fun stuff you can do while designing and "programming" your blog.

For example, today I was struggling with sticky - what might be very simple to many of my readers and other bloggers, but because it is first time to me I want to use it ..... I got little frustrated. I am very patient person usually, but today I decided that I will NOT continue with it tonight and try it when my mind and brain are little more alert and awake. The funny thing is, that I actually have a daily work where I manage a whole lot of technical engineers and programmers, and I could easily ask for help and they would probably fix it quicker then I can say: help!, but I want to learn it myself! Stubborn as I am!

One step at the time! The good thing is that I found out that it is very easy to use Linky tools. Yay!!!


I have "few" of them already, but after I started blogging, the pile of new books has been growing. That means that I spent some hours of "restructuring" my book shelves. My books are sorted according to genres in alphabetical order and when I started to put ca 40 new books into shelves I found out, that I do not have rooms where needed. Of course, I acted before really thinking and started lifting them from one place to another - just to realize that this is not the easiest way of doing it! I realized that I need at least 1 more BIG book shelf before it pays off to start moving books from one place to another.

While blogging

My 4,5 year old son decided that he wants to be a writer! Like most of the kids, the ideas of who they want to be when they grow up are changing as often as most people change socks or underwear. The whole "becoming a writer" started with him asking me: Mom, what are you doing? I answered, that I am writing (he does not understand the concept of blogging entirely yet). He asked: Mom, what are you writing about? I answered, that I am writing about reading and books. Then he thought couple of seconds and said: Mom, I want to be a writer! I want to write books! The only question that come up to my mind was:Why? And he answered: Then you will write about me and my books!

Let's see how that goes :) The fact is that he loves that I read to him and that is at least a good beginning.

While reading
I am taking notes while reading. If it is an e-book I write my notes to the special word template I've created for this purpose. When I read paper books, then this process is sometimes more complicated. I am writing my notes and thoughts into a normal notebook.
During last week I read 4 books, out of which 3 were paper books and I took all my notes as usually to my notebook. Guess what happened? No, you will probably not guess that anyway. My cat decided that my little A5 notebook is an excellent tool to get rid of boredom. Unfortunately to me my cat loves paper! Especially my notebook paper pages. She loved them soooo much, so I lost notes of the last 15 paper books I've read, inclusive the last 3 where I haven't written the reviews of yet.
Luckily for my cat I have quite good memory. Now I just need to hurry to write these reviews fast!

What did I learn from it? Never leave your important things lie next to your bed... on the floor. Cat thinks it belongs to her!

Facts and numbers
There are still couple of days to go, but with today's date I have had 196 participants at the Freedom Giveaway Hop!
The most popular post this week has been The Freedom Giveaway Hop post with 274 views, the second in the row is Follow Friday.
GFC follower increased from 570 to 636 during the week.
The biggest number of visitors this week are from US - 497 hits, the second place goes to Canada with 47 hits.
Last week there were visitors from 34 countries.
Page views all time history shows 10.494 visitors (Started blogging actively in March).

That's it for today! Next week new stories! And now it is your turn! You can either leave comments or feel free to write Behind the Screen post and link it here!


  1. Love the facts and numbers section. It's always fun to see things like that.
    I wish I was better at Html too.

  2. Hey looks like you have to be invited to check out that Lady Blogger's page! I clicked on the link and it say Invitation only!

    This is an excellent meme that I hope to participate in when I get some down time here at work today (even if i am a day behind!). I might make a little button for it too!


  3. Alison, thanks for coming by!

  4. Lah, thanks for doing this! i visited your blog, too!
    Sorry, I did not realize that you needed an invitation to the Ladybloggers. I have been participating now for 2 days on this conference and I really enjoy it. I will probably make couple of posts about it!
    If you know how to make a button, it would be so cool. I do not know how to make it, otherwise I would.

  5. The Book Gatherer, thank you for joining!
    I am sure that it will be fun!