Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Looks Forward (12) - Vacation!

Happy Monday, everybody!

Well, this week's Monday looks literally towards one more week of vacation! The first week of my vacation went partially still to my daily work and I also had to do different things in my home. So, for the second week, I simply escaped to my parents summerhouse on the island of Saaremaa, Estonia near by the sea and now I feel that I really do have a vacation!!!

My blog will work on low tempo this week, because my dad is having a big birthday this week, and since I promised to help with preparation, I do not know how much time I will have for the blog.

Anyway, there will be different events still going on here, so you will see some posts during the week. But please be aware, that I might not be participating in some of the weekly meme's I am usually participating. Also, in case you email me or contact me, I might not reply to you right away, but during couple of days.

OK, let's see what will be up on the blog:

Book and blog tours:

I will be participating in the Overprotected (Jennifer Laurens) blog tour organized by We Fancy Books.

The kick-off to this blog tour is started by the author Jennifer Laurens herself on the 20th of July on her blog :

I will be the second right after the kick-off and you will see interview with the author Jennifer Laurens in my blog on the 21st of July. I am very excited to participate and that I got the possibility to make an interview with Jennifer.

I will also add the necessary links for this blog tour on Thursday, so be prepared!


There are currently two giveaways running, both of them include the interviews with the authors.

You can find the giveaway for Bella by Steve Piacente here:

You can find the giveaway for The Last Archangel by Michael D. Young here:

Weekly memes:

I'm participating in several weekly memes, but as said earlier, since I have vacation and have one big birthday in the family coming up, then I might not post all of them this week:

Monday Looks Forward on Monday
Teaser Tuesday on Tuesday
Wednesday Wonderings on Wednesday
Behind the Screen on Thursday - New!!!! I've got some positive feedback about this and hopefully more blogs will join in and participate.
Follow Friday and Book Blog Hop on Friday
In My Mailbox on Sunday

That's it for this week!
Happy reading, everybody!


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