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Blog Tour - Overprotected by Jennifer Laurens - Interview!

Welcome to the Overprotected Blog Tour!

I am very happy to welcome a guest in my blog today. I am participating on Jennifer Laurens' Overprotected Blog Tour, which is organized by We Fancy Books. I was very happy to get a chance to interview Jennifer.

I read overprotected awhile ago in May and I really enjoyed reading it. You can find my review of Overprotected by Jennifer Laurens here. Due to the fact that I loved Overprotected and was extraordinary glad when We Fancy Books decided to have a blog tour for Overprotected. I am very honored to welcome Jennifer Laurens here.

Before we go further with interview, you will find all the information about the blog tour on Jennifer Laurens' blog. It will list all the participating blogs and you will also see a kick-off post for the tour by Jennifer. The post is here.

Where to find Jennifer Laurens:

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to Jennifer Laurens and enjoy the interview!

Part I

IS: Please describe yourself with few sentences. Who are you?

JL: Always first, I’m a mother to 6 wonderful children, a wife to an inspirational companion of 27 years now and I write books.

IS: What inspired you to want to become writer?

JL: I’ve always enjoyed writing and started writing plays when I was in Jr.High. After my 6 children were all in school I took it up full time.

IS: Who did you want to become when you were a kid? What did you dream about?

JL: I’m an only child and I wanted a big family so my first goal was being a mother.

IS: What brought you to writing? When did the idea of writing your first book formed?

JL: I read Nora Roberts’ Rivers End and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to bring that kind of enjoyment to people.

IS: What do you do when you are not reading and writing and blogging? Do you have any hobbies?

JL: I squeeze writing in whenever I can. All of my other hobbies are on hold, but in my pre-author days I enjoyed: miniatures, doll collecting, dollhouses, painting, dancing. I still travel and shop!

IS: What is the most difficult aspect of being a writer for you?

JL: In the beginning it was anything negative that had to do with the business. But I’ve chosen to steer clear of all of that so I can remain positive and able to focus on writing. It’s the most freeing decision I made.

IS: If you wouldn’t be a writer, what would you be and do?

JL: I already am my first priority and that is a mother, friend, wife and confidant to my family. There isn’t anything more worthy of my time that that.

IS: Who or what is your Muse?

JL: I’m inspired by a lot of things. I just got back from vacation, and we ate out a lot. An idea came to me while dining at a restaurant as I watched the waiters interact. Writers observe people and collect bits and pieces – moments – and those all form into seeds that await planting.

Part II

I adored your book Overprotected and characters, so, let’s talk about Overprotected.

IS: Where did you get the idea for Overprotected? How did the book born?

JL: As I mentioned above I’m an only child. Where my relationship with my parents wasn’t as extreme as Ashlyn’s, I was definitely sheltered. I loved the idea of a love triangle with a father who obsesses over his strong love for his daughter and the man who comes into her world and threatens that.

NailedFalling for RomeoMagic HandsHeavenly (Volume 1)Penitence (Volume 2)Absolution (Volume 3)

IS: You have written several books. Which book have you enjoyed writing most? Why?

JL: Some books come easier than others. When I started writing, I wrote romantic comedies ( YA ) because my teenage daughters wanted romance without the smut. I wrote Falling for Romeo, Magic Hands and Nailed for them – those books came very quickly. As my children grew and their lives took new directions, often difficult for me and my husband to go through, I wrote Heavenly, Penitence and Absolution which is really about our family struggling to live with autism and various teen abuse issues. Those were challenging to write because they are so personal.

IS: Did you ever experience writer’s block when the writing process just wasn’t moving ahead?

JL: Yes. I’ve learned to write through it.

IS: Which character do you love most in Overprotected? Which character can you mostly relate to?

JL: I love them all. They’re all layered and complex. Fiona is a favorite because she’s a cliché who becomes a real person throughout the story. And, like with all of my stories, there are bits of me in her – I’m addicted to Rockstar energy drinks and her addiction to them down to what she calls them “elixir of the gods” is a term I use!

IS: I was wondering if you have experienced the situations in your life where someone has a desperate need to control you, like Daddy wanted to protect Ash in Overprotected? Where did the idea to that come from?

JL: Unfortunately, yes. My mother has been a very controlling person. It’s taken years for her to “let go” of me and we’ve worked hard on that aspect of our relationship. She’s doing much better. :)

IS: I must ask you about new book to be published. What will it be about? Anything you can tell us already?

JL: I can’t say too much about it except that, once again, I’m weaving in my own life experiences into the story. It brings two different time periods together and has some paranormal elements.

Part III – Favorites

Who is your favorite author? I just read the most phenomenal book I’ve ever read, Damage by Josephine Hart. Up until that, I loved Markus Zusak and Scott Spencer ( Endless Love )
What is your favorite book or series? Damage. Endless Love. Fighting Ruben Wolfe and Getting the Girl.
What is your favorite song? Too many to list.
What is your favorite season? Fall.
What is your favorite food? Chocolate.
What is your favorite car? If I could have any car it would be a BMW SUV. I drive a Nitro.
What is your favorite color? Periwinkle
What is your favorite movie? It’s a romantic comedy, but I like too many of those to list.
What is your favorite time of the day? Morning.
What is your favorite weather? California weather – mild and consistent.

Thank you so much, Jennifer, for writing all these good books and thank you for visiting my blog and giving an interview! 
The next stop in this tour is Amaterasu Reads. There will be excerpt of Jennifer Laurens' book. Have fun hopping through all the blogs in the blog tour!
Happy touring!


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