Saturday, July 30, 2011

Behind the Screen (4)

Happy Saturday, everybody!

This post should usually be up on Thursday, but I did not have any electricity or Internet. So it is coming up today instead!


During last days I have been preparing three different giveaways, which will start on Monday, 1st of August.

First of them will be Summer Giveaway Hop, which runs from 1-7 August and where there are more than 300 blogs participating. The post will be up on Monday and I will be giving away 20$ GC to or books for the same value in The Book Depository.

The second giveaway hop will be UK and EU Giveaway Hop where there are30-40 blogs participating and all of them are from Europe. It will run from 1-8 August and I will ge giving away 10$ GC to

The third giveaway is organized by Canadian publisher ImajinBooks. I got contact to them through Twitter and fortunately I was included into their Sizzling Summer Scavanger Hunt and be one of the hosting blogs. There are some awesome prizes - you can win a Kindle, there will be 31 ebooks given away plus some paper books too. So come by from Monday and you will see. It will run from the 1-31 August.

As you have already understood I love giveaways and I also won some books from the Treasure Quest blog hop organized by several authors. I won:

My Perfect Wedding by Sibelle Hodge
How to Dump Your Boyfriend in the Men's Room (and other short stories) by Sibelle Hodge
Somewhere My Lass by Beth Trissel
Snow's Heat by Nicole Hicks

Can't wait to read all of them!


Besides the above mentioned ebooks, I also got lot of galleys to read from NetGalley :

Undeniably Yours by Shannon Stacey, published by Carina Press
Yours to Keep by Shannon Stacey, published by Carina Press
Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey, published by Carina Press

All romance books and that suits me well during the summer!

While reading and reviewing:

Ok, here's an update: 9 books read and that means that I am not so much behind with reading, but with reviewing. So I am planning to write reviews most of the coming week! I am not sure if I manage to write reviews for all 9 of them, but at least for some.

I have read so many good books in the meantime and can't wait to share my thoughts and reviews with you.

While blogging:

Actually this week I should call the title While chatting with authors and publishers. Anyway, as you know there has only been couple of posts this week. (See also under Technicalities).
I couldn't be online, but I could do a whole lot of preparations. And I did!

I managed to schedule the August in a way that it will definitely not be boring! What have I prepared for August? Here you go:

7 blog/book tours (Note to myself: update the Book tour's page!)
5 giveaways at least
4 agreed guest posts
3 book excerpts

If I think that August hasn't really started yet, I am little proud of myself! I feel like my blog is getting more efficient. (Read: I am getting better for planning and scheduling things).

I am so grateful for authors and publishers trusting me. Sincerely.


Anybody out there how to make sticker? What I mean is that I have still not figured out how to make a sticker post, so in case I am posting new posts, the sticker will still stay on top of the posts. Anybody?

I had some really good news, too. Parajunkee (most of you know who she is, I guess, but just in case: she is book blogger, hosting FF for book bloggers, she is designer and so many other good things) will make a new design for my blog. I got an email from her this week and I am very excited! It will take some time, but I am genuinely happy!

Facts and numbers will come next week!

Here is the linky also. Join the ride! Please only link in case you are really writing Behind the Screen post.


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