Thursday, July 14, 2011

Behind the Screen (2)

Happy Thursday, everybody!

Time to write the second Behind the Screen post to tell you what else has been going on connected to blogging, books and reading.


My paper-books bookshelves have not increased this week. Not yet at least. But, there are two very good books on the way to me, in the post somewhere. These two books are Forever by Maggie Stiefvater and The Dance with Dragons by George R. Martin. I have to tell you, that I have really waiting for these ones. Forever should reach me next week. It's the third and final book in The Wolves of Mercy Falls. The other book, well, I have been waiting for it very long time because the last George R. Martin's book in the series A Song of Ice and Fire was published in 2005!!!! So 6 years! I think the reason he finally published the 5th book was due to the fact that his series was made into a TV serial and he simply had to push himself finally to publish the next book. It is not going to be the last book in A Song of Ice and Fire series, but hopefully I do not have to wait again for so long time.

Regarding e-books, then my e-bookshelf has grown. I have increased my Kindle library with two books: What A Goddess Wants by Stephanie Julian and Across the Universe by Beth Revis.

I have at the moment 42 unread new books and 86 on my TBR list.

While blogging:

Huh, I have been blogging quite a lot. Since last Behind the Screen post, I have made 7 posts. It does not sound like a lot, but these posts have been very long ones.
What is even more important, preparing 3 posts have taken several hours each. Especially 2 interviews and 1 recap post from the online conference. Besides that, I was writing them during the night, ending the writing at 3:30 am, so I had to use a lot of my sleeping hours. Luckily I have vacation!
I have 6 books which I have finished and where I still need to write reviews.

While reading:
Reading has been problematic this week. I haven't finished a single book yet. I was thinking that when I have a vacation, then I will use lot of time reading, but there has been so many other things that I have done, mostly related to my home and house. It seems that the first part of vacation will end without me finishing a single book! It seems that I need to get away from home in order to read. Last year when I had summer vacation I finished I think 10 books. The difference is, that last summer I spent not at home, but visiting my parents. I am comforting myself with the fact, that tomorrow I will visit my parents for a week, so hopefully I will have possibilities to some heavy reading. Wish me luck!

There is some progress: I learned how to make a vlog! I know that it is very easy, but I really never tried it. Now I know how and I am sure that you will see me soon launching couple of videoposts. I wanna try it!

Facts and numbers

The most popular post this week has been The Last Archangel's post with interview and giveaway with author Michael D. Young. There has been 41 views. It was posted this morning at 3 am, so that is not bad at all.
GFC follower increased from 636 to 655 during the week. +19.
The biggest number of visitors this week are from US - 268 hits, the second place goes to Estonia with 47 hits and third place to Germany with 29 hits.
Last week there were visitors from 23 countries.
Page views all time history shows 11.352 visitors. +858 visitors (Started blogging actively in March).

That's it for today!

I am adding the linky again, so you can add your posts here!


  1. Hi Inga,, I am pleased to "follow back." Thanks for coming by Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust! Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  2. Thanks Steph for coming by! Thanks, I am really enjoying my vacation.