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Interview and giveaway with Suzy Turner - the author of Raven

Happy Wednesday, everybody!

Today I'm delighted to welcome Suzy Turner - the author of Raven - in my blog. I finished reading Raven this week and it was a wonderful read. You can find my review of Raven here. After finishing the book, I asked Suzy if she would be interested in giving and interview and she agreed.

So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Suzy Turner!

Part I

I: Please describe yourself with few sentences. Who are you?
ST: I'm 35, English and married to an English biker. We both moved to Portugal when we were kids (1986), and stayed here. We live in the countryside and have four cats and two dogs.

I: What inspired you to want to become writer?
ST: When I was a kid I remember writing a short story about an English castle. My teacher made positive comments about it and I guess that's what started it all off. Years later, I was reading an interview in Cosmopolitan with an author I loved at the time (Jenny Colgan) and I recall thinking, if she can do it, then so can I.

I: Who did you want to become when you were a kid? What did you dream about?
ST: There were a few things. One was an archaeologist because I loved ancient Greek and Egyptian history (and Indiana Jones!). Then a psychologist because I loved delving deep into the mind... sadly my psychology teacher died though and the small college I attended was unable to find a replacement.

I: What brought you to writing? When did the idea of writing your first book formed?
ST: My first novel, Molly, was inspired by the Jenny Colgan interview. It was a romantic comedy that I wrote in two weeks! It needed too much work though so I shelved it and stopped writing novels for a few years. My next novel, Raven, was inspired by a visit to western Canada in 2009. We sat having a picnic on a small beach in Powell River and we were surrounded by beauty - little islands off in the distance, the Pacific ocean lapping at our feet, tall trees everywhere, huge pieces of driftwood on the beach. It was so serene yet eerie and a little mysterious. It was there that my imagination started to run riot.

I: You published your book yourself. What kind of advantages are there to publish your book yourself? What were the difficulties?
ST: You have complete control over your writing and you get to keep all your royalties! The only difficulty is that you need to find really good beta readers if you can't afford to hire an editor. Plus, you need to create a really good cover which might be tough for some writers.

I: What do you do when you are not reading and writing and blogging? Do you have any hobbies?
ST: Reading, writing and blogging takes up most of my time, otherwise I'm a couch potato! I like being snuggled up on the sofa with a great TV show or movie.

I: What is the most difficult aspect of being a writer for you?
ST: Motivation. Although ideas are forever mulling around in my head, I am so easily distracted and I waste so much time when I should be writing.

I: If you wouldn’t be a writer, what would you be and do?
ST: I would be involved in television somehow. When I was younger I would have loved to have been an actress but I realise now that I'm a bit too shy for that! So I'd be happy working behind the scenes.

I: Who or what inspires you?
ST: I am inspired by success stories, whether it's authors who have become best sellers or actors who have hit the big time. I love to read and watch shows about anyone who just believed in themselves, persevered and achieved their dreams.

I: And now I’m being just curious. Why did you move from England to Portugal?
ST: I was only 10 at the time so I didn't have much choice! My parents decided they wanted to live somewhere sunny and Portugal seemed the right place for us.

Part II

I adored your book and characters, so, let’s talk about your book Raven which is the first book in The Raven Saga.

I: Where did you get the idea for the Raven from? How did the Raven born? Did you plan more than 1 book when you started writing Raven? Did you know it is going to grow in The Saga of Raven? How many books are you planning to have in the series?
ST: The idea for Raven first started on that little beach in Powell River. I didn't have major plans for a series until I really got into the book. I got so excited about creating it that all kinds of ideas began to form and I knew there would have to be more than one book. I think it will be a trilogy... some series just seem to go on and on. I'd be happy to stop after three and move on to something completely new - unless, of course, my readers want more!

I: Did you ever experience writer’s block when the writing process just wasn’t moving ahead?
ST: I've never got writer's block as such, but my mind sometimes just needs a break! So I'll stop writing and go and do something else for a day or two.

I: Which character do you love most in your book? Which character can you mostly relate to?
ST: I particularly love Lilly, Rose and December but I'm probably more like Jo because she is so easy to get along with, she enjoys a laugh and she is very chilled out. I am the epitome of chilled out!

I: I’m aware that Raven is fiction, but did any real persons inspire any of the characters in your book?
ST: Not at all. The characters just came from deep within my mind. I do have some ideas for another book based on people I have met though.

I: I must ask you about new books to be published. The first question is about The Raven Saga: When will the next book be published? Can you give just a little away what it will be about?
ST: Part II of The Raven Saga: December Moon, will be out in September 2011. This story revolves around best friends Lilly and December. In the beginning, Lilly lives in Powell River and December lives in Wimbledon, London, but all that changes when mysterious things starts to happen to December and she finds out something quite shocking about herself. That's all I can tell you at the moment!

I: The second question is about another book you are writing. I understand that you are writing a chick lit book? When will it be published and what will the book be about?
ST: Here is the synopsis... 10 year old Kate stumbles upon the most beautiful boy she has ever seen, but she is whisked away by her parents before she gets the chance to meet him. Years later, she continues to compare all potential mates to the boy she dubbed Fred, yet no-one comes close. But when she finds herself the heir to a massive fortune and her story is plastered all over the tabloids, all kinds of characters come forward claiming to be the boy she loved and lost. Will she find him? Or will she be, Forever Fredless? I hope to release Forever Fredless in early 2012.

Part III – Favorites

Who is your favorite author? JK Rowling
What is your favorite book or series? Harry Potter & The Handmaid's Tale
What is your favorite book blog you follow? lol... why yours of course! I also like and But there are so many fantastic ones out there! I follow tonnes!
What is your favorite song? I have a few! Stay by Shakespeare's Sister, Cry Little Sister by Aiden, Neverending Story....
What is your favorite season? Winter
What is your favorite food? Japanese, Chinese and Thai
What is your favorite car? I have a cute Mini Cooper S but I'd quite like an Audi TT or an Alfa Romeu Giuletta
What is your favorite color? Pink... I'm such a girlie girl!
What is your favorite movie? As a kid, Neverending Story and The Lost Boys. Now, Practical Magic
What is your favorite time of the day? Early evening
What is your favorite weather? Stormy if I'm tucked up indoors!

Part IV

What did you know about Estonia before I found your books and contacted you?
ST: I'm very embarrassed to say, not very much at all but I have since googled it and it looks really beautiful! I've just had a look at the Estonia Tourism website and I think I'll have to show my husband... I can see a trip to Estonia in the future!

Thank you so much for coming by, Suzy!  I really enjoyed talking to you and I really look forward to reading your new books being published.


And now to the giveaway. Suzy is giving away one copy of her ebook Raven. The giveaway is international and open to everybody. the giveaway runs from today until 14th of June. Winners will be picked by and announced latest on the 15th of June.

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