Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Wonderings (1) Guest post by author Richard MacLeod

As said in my preevious post, I'm having guests today. The second guest today is author Richard MacLeod.
Richard MacLeod is the author of novel Faces in the Sand which was published in 2011.

My thoughts on book reviews and reviewing
Faces in the Sandby Richard Mac Leod.

Book reviews are the lifeblood of writers. Reviews create publicity that all writers covet. They can be good or bad. Even bad reviews produce sales. All the classics have poor reviews. A review is just an opinion. It doesn't become law. Five people can love your work and five hate it. All of us would gladly take a poor review in the New York Times. It's called marketing. It's how books sell. For unknown authors a review is all we have to be heard. Even those who are signed by a publisher can still play second fiddle to the best sellers who dominate the bookshelves of Barnes and Noble. Someone picking up your book will decide to buy it in two seconds simply by the small blurb on the back of the book. If they read a review, they might go into the bookstore looking for you book.

Ebooks are changing book sales the way Itunes changed music. The traditional query letter, with hopes and dreams of the author, might change course when the literary agent sends letters to author hoping to represent them. When publishers print garbage from brainless television reality stars the literary world gags. Even though the author couldn't put two sentences together it still sells because the author already has publicity. The serious writers are offended when her book sits on the same shelf as Dickens, Twain, and Steinbeck. How is it possible the words of talentless dimwits sell books compared with the rest of us who put blood, sweat, and tears into our novels? It's because the marketing has already been done. The reviews are in.

How do we find these books so carefully crafted by writers who literary agents have cast aside, having never read their manuscript, even though they rejected it? We find them through book blogs. We find them through reviews by other authors and readers. We become our own agent. In this setting, anyone can be heard. Ten years ago we went into the record store to buy a music CD. Now, we listen to a thirty second sound clip (a review) and if we like it we click and buy. Bands that would never cut a record are now selling their music. Ebooks are doing the same for writers. The discovery of new writers is happening everyday. That's why book reviews are so important. A simple summary on the cover of your book isn't good enough to sell online. People want to hear what others have to say. We read because we love the written word, the power of a sentence, and the journey the author takes us on. Get your story out there. Have people review it. Love the craft that you have chosen and enjoy the process. Let us discover you.

If you would like to review my novel, Faces in the Sand, send me a note and I will send you a copy of the ebook. Thanks for reading my thoughts.

Richard MacLeod

Thank you Richard for coming by! Your book will be reviewed soon in this blog!


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