Sunday, May 8, 2011

Review of Dark Obsession by Suzanne Rock

Author: Suzanne Rock

Dark ObsessionRelease date: 1st of March 2011
Published by: Red Sage Publishing
Imprint: Red Sage Presents
Reading level: FICTION - ADULT: Paranormal, Erotica
Pages: 232 in PDF

Summary from Goodreads:

Long ago Javier chose to walk away from the one person who mattered in his life. Now that he is free once again to roam the Earth, he becomes obsessed with making up for past mistakes. His mission is to gain Catherine's vote for the vampires on the Immortal Council, but when he sees her he realizes he wants much more. He wants her heart. When she disappears from the Council’s halls, he tracks her down, determined to make her remember the past -- and the love they once shared.

Catherine can’t let her passion for Javier rekindle -- no matter what the cost. Much has changed since he abandoned her so long ago. With the Immortal Council fragmented and her werewolf king abducted, Catherine has little patience for Javier's empty promises. Still, he is persistent, and she sees the value in having an ancient vampire for an ally. They strike a deal: she will submit to his every carnal desire if he will help find her king. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned, and their erotic interludes ignite the passionate anger of Catherine’s only fey ally. Now, all three of their lives are in jeopardy. To survive, Javier must build an intimate bond with the only woman who has ever rejected his love, and a man who’d like nothing more than to see him dead.

It has been a while ago since I last read paranormal erotica book. I also have to admit, that Dark Obsession was a first book by Suzanne Rock which I read, so I did not know what to expect at all. Now, after finishing the last page of Dark Obsession, I would definitely recommend this book to readers who like paranormal and who can survive reading erotica.

Meet Javier, who is on search for his long lost love Catherine. Javier disappeared from Catherine’s life two centuries ago and now he wants her back. Javier’s search for Catherine brings him to fey world, ruled by ruthless king Feroas. Javier finds Catherine amongst Feroas’ slaves and Javier finds out that Catherine is on a secret mission sent by the Immortal Council. Catherine has found an ally – fey called Talen who helps Catherine to find kidnapped werewolf king. This is the moment, where three species and worlds meet: Catherine is a werewolf, Javier is an ancient vampire and Talen is a fey. By the rules of the Immortal Council these three shouldn’t be involved with each other, and any relationships between these three immortal species is strongly forbidden.

I loved the plot of the book. There was everything what you need in a good paranormal book: werewolves, fairies, vampires, demons; a lot of action and also intense relationships between the characters. Author got me from the first page and I read it without putting Dark Obsession away. It was well written, there was smooth and interesting storytelling by the author. Characters were well described and there were some hot and very intense sexual scenes in the book.

For this genre it was an excellent read!

5 stars out of 5

Thanks to NetGalley who provided me with free galley for reviewing.


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