Friday, May 27, 2011

Nurturing Book Blogging Relationships - Armchair BEA

Hello everybody!

Today I'm little late with posting, but better late than never, right?!

Since I've been blogging only for few month, then I might not be the most experienced blogger to share my experiences, but I have to say this - I've loved the book blogging road!!!

Nevertheless, I do have some thoughts on this topic.

First of all, I've met so many good bloggers. My blog list is fairly long already and I'm reading the blogs I'm following couple of times during the week. I'm trying to be active in following by commenting their posts. Besides sharing the love for the books and reading, I've found some really good long-distance friends amongst bloggers. Unfortunately I live very far away from my blogging friends, I cannot meet them. But I'm sure that one day, I will have the possibility to see them from face to face in real life, too.

I have got some very nice contacts to some authors and I really enjoy chatting or writing to them. I also follow their blogs and they have always interesting blog posts on their blog and I'm sharing it with my friends and other bloggers and book lovers. I do like participating promoting their books, in case there is something I can do for them. I have a huge respect for authors and I'm always very glad to share the love for their books. One way to do that is reviews and sharing the reviews not only in the blog, but also in Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, amazon. I know that a good book can sell itself successfully, but I try to help by reviewing and sharing my experiences with their books.

I would hereby like to thank authors S.M.Reine, Lisa Sanchez, Kristie Cook for giving me interviews and all the other wonderful authors sending me books for reviewing! Thank you! It's really appreciated and I promise from my side that I will read all the books I've received and also review them!

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  1. just put a smile on my face! I've truly enjoyed chatting with you. i think it's so awesome that the book blogging community brings people together from all over the world. Very cool!