Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Interview with fellow Armchair BEA blogger - SpadesHighReads

Today is going to be be quite busy on this blog.

My first guest will be a fellow book blogger from Armchair BEA post series this week. Her name is Tezza and she owns a blog called SpadesHighReads I'm really glad to find new friends and book bloggers, and Armchair BEA has been an excellent possibility to that.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to Tezza!

About SpadesHighReads

A wife to a military member.
A mother to a wonderful 18mo boy.
A fanatic of YA/Fiction Literature.
I'm open to adding books to my page from authors or publishers, you need only send an email and any information you'd like me to feature. =)
I accept books for review from Authors (including Indie), Publishers, or Publicist). If you want the review at a certain time period pls let me know before hand.
*Random* SpadesHigh is named after my son (Ace). My hubands always calls him the Ace of Spades.

I: Please tell me about your blog? What made you to start a book blog?

SHR: On my blog, I review mostly all YA genre novels. I started blogging because I needed an outlet to express my thoughts and feelings from all the books that I read. I, among the rest of the blogger sphere, am a book addict as well. And it’s great to meet new book enthusiast through blogging. And when I get pretty random, I tend to post giveaways for no occasion. There’s 3 going on right NOW!!! -_^

I: What kind of books do you read? What are your favorite genres?

SHR: I only read YA novels and my favorite genre would be Paranormal YA. I stay away from the non-fiction because I have my own reality. =)

I: Besides reviews what does your blog offer to followers? (Contests, interviews, giveaways, what else, book swaps?)

SHR: I tend to do erratic giveaways, updates on books coming out that week, IMMs, and Spotlights on books that need to be shared.

I: Would you describe your review policy shortly?

SHR: The shortest way I can describe my review policy would be: ethical. For both reader/reviewer and Author/Publisher/Publicist

I: Who is your favorite writer?

SHR: I don’t have just one specific favorite. I honestly enjoy everyone I read. And usually the ones that are Indie or new or even not heard of yet tend to surprise me with their works.

I: What is your favorite book?

SHR: Hmmm that’s a good one. How can I pick among my bookshelf… okay, I’ll make it plain and simple. Dr Seuss Green Eggs and Ham. It was the very first book I’ve read, and the very first that I’ve enjoyed. Plus, Dr Seuss’ books are classis. He rocks LoL

I: What is your favorite series?

SHR: As of right now, I am enjoying The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and The House of Night Series by P.C. Cast.

I: What is your favorite book blog you follow? Why?

SHR: Oh my goodness, your questions are so hard o_O LoL again, not just one person/blogger. I learn so much from everyone out there and that makes it difficult to single one out.

I: What kind of book events would you like to participate?

SHR: ALL if possible, is it possible? Wanna join on the pursuit? ^_^

I: What kind of experiences have you made with ArmChairBEA already?

SHR: Meeting new blogs I haven’t yet come across, making new friends, meeting new people, new giveaways to join =), and seeing the cool and creative names each blog has.
I hope your enjoying Armchair BEA!! And Thanks so much for the interview. Armchair BEA is truly awesome in letting us introduce ourselves to one another in a very exciting and creative outlet!!

Thank you so much for giving this interview, Tezza!
Dear reader, please feel free to visit her book blog and follow her!


  1. I love that we come across so many new and familiar blogs during ABEA! Definitely a fun experience. :) Great interview!

    My interview and shout out can be found here!

    Rebecca @ kindle fever

  2. Great interview!

    I just found Tezza's blog through armchair BEA this week! I love meeting all these other bloggers!

    Jennifer of Little Shelf


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