Friday, May 20, 2011

Follow Friday Blog Hopping (6)

Happy Friday, everybody! Time to do some love sharing!!!

I'm participating in to follow Friday Blog Hops. The first one is featured by Parajunkee's View

Parajunkee's View is featuring a blog every Friday. This Friday she introduces us to Ninja Girl Reads Take a look at her blog and follow her!

Question of the week:

Q. It's circle time. Time for us to open up and share. Can you tell us FIVE quirky habits or things about you? We all have them...

My answer:
I love this question! My 5 quirky things are:

1. I love to stay up late at night and sleep long in the morning. But unfortunately the morning sleeping is out of the question, because I need to get up quite early every morning (6:00 am) to take my kid to kindergarten and go to work.
2. When I'm at home I prefer Nescafe compared to normal coffee. Sine I'm the only coffee drinker in the household, I never bother making coffee I just use Nescafe. When I'm at work or outside of my house, I love normally brewed coffee.
3. I feel totally helpless wihtout my cellular phone. In case I forget it somewhere I feel I'm handicapped. Totally lost :)
4. When I'm reading a really good book, then I will not stop reading until it's finished. Again, it normally goes from my sleeping time, which is not so good.
5. I like to sleep alone or at least I prefer a very wide bed where I 'm not feeling the presence of somebody else. My sleeping time is holy and it's MINE :)

To join the fun and make now book blogger friends, just follow these simple rules:

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4.Grab the button up there and place it in a post, this post is for people to find a place to say hi in your comments
5.Follow Follow Follow as many as you can, as many as you want, or just follow a few. The whole point is to make new friends and find new blogs. Also, don't just follow, comment and say hi. Another blogger might not know you are a new follower if you don't say "HI"
6.If someone comments and says they are following you, be a dear and follow back. Spread the Love...and the followers
7.If you're new to the follow friday hop, comment and let me know, so I can stop by and check out your blog!

Now to the second hop I'm participating. It is hosted by Jennifer at Crazy-For-Books .

Book Blogger Hop
Question of the week:
Q: If you were given the chance to spend one day in a fictional world (from a book), which book would it be from and what would that place be?

My answer:
Hopefully you won't be affended. The book would be The Holy Bible and place would the Beatitude which Jesus hold during the Sermon on the Mount. It would be very long explanation why and I choose not to do it in this post. I guess everybody has to decide if Bible is a fictional book or not for them, but in my case that would be the book and place what I'd pick.

You will find the linky lists here:
Parajunkee's View

Happy Hopping, everybody!


  1. I know how you feel about you phone. I'm almost embarrassed how dependant I am on mine. I use it as my alarm, clock, and primary communication device so without it I'm basically lost!
    You can check my list out over at

    New follower :)

  2. stooping by to return the love and follow :) cuttee blog :)


  3. Kayleigh, thanks for coming by! I also visited your blog!

  4. Diana,thanks for coming by! I also visited your blog!

  5. Thanks for hopping by and following my blog earlier today - I'm here to return the favour!

    Take care & happy reading,
    Ms. C

  6. I also love to stay up late and sleep in and I will always choose a book over sleep. :)

    old follower. :)

    Here is my Follow Friday:

  7. I'm a lot like you, I prefer to sleep alone. It works out because my husband's a serious insomniac. So, I spend a lot of nights blissfully alone with the whole bed to myself.

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Happy Follow Friday to you. Here's mine!

  8. Ms. C, thanks for coming by!

  9. Lieder Madchen, thanks for coming by! I love comments!

  10. Kristyn, thanks for coming by! I will come and take a look at your blog!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following you now :)

    I also tend to read books until I'm finished. There have been so many times that I planned to read one chapter before bed but stayed up until 3 or so to finish!

  12. Linda, thank you for coming by and leaving a comment!

  13. Hopping through. I'd die without my cell phone. Now that I have a smart phone, I totally rely on it.
    My IMM

  14. Hi im a new follower and new to follow fridays! but, it looked like a whole buncha fun so i'm giving it a try! I loved this question!

    Angel's Cove Book Reviews


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