Sunday, May 15, 2011

Featuring young bloggers: Interview with We Fancy Books

Hello everybody!

Today I will feature a fellow book blog. When I had a Easter Extravaganza Blog Hop and Giveaway in the end of April, one of the prizes I had was to a blog to be featured here in my blog. It took some time because the winner was still constructing the book blog, but finally today I am happy to present you:

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome young people from We Fancy Books : TheJay2xA, AddictedToV and Ere Penera!!!

Please tell me about your blog? What made you to start a book blog?

TheJay2xA : Our blog is We Fancy Books; we named it like this because we really love to read books. Our blog is mainly for the three of us. We post MeMes and reviews of what we have just read. What made you start a book blog… I personally am a fan of Parajunkee her blog is really amazing and I really look up to her, she somehow pushed me to create this blog. Together with my two friends we made We Fancy Books

AddictedToV: I got really into books this year, and now reading has been part of my daily routine. At first I started in Goodreads and was exposed more in books, then I started to write my own reviews too. I also made my own blog eventually, but it was when my friend (in real life) TheJay2xA asked me to collaborate with him for a book blog, and I liked the idea, so here we are now (:

Ere Penera: I was reading too much books the past few days and I can’t help but tweet about how exciting those books were. And then my tweet buddy, Jayjay, asked me to join him in a book blog. And so I said okay even if I didn’t know exactly what’s to be done or written in it. He just told me I’d submit book reviews which was fine with me. But it turned out there are actually lots of other activities in a book blog so I’m starting to learn stuffs about it.

What kind of books do you read? What are your favorite genres?

TheJay2xA: I personally like Young Adult and Contemporary books, mystery thriller, paranormal romance and dystopian is also some of favorite genre.

AddictedToV: Young adult, science fiction, mystery, romance, dystopian, etc. As long as it’s exciting, entertaining and won’t give me much headache understanding complicated matters, I’m into it.

Era Penera: I really like young-adult fantasy. If it’s full of action or if there are mysteries then it’d be so much better.

Besides reviews what does your blog offer to followers? (Contests, interviews, giveaways, book swaps?)

TheJay2xA: We will be doing giveaways once in a while, for our opening post were doing a contest. We are also planning for a book swapping event. We also did our first interview which is Miss Beth Revis. We have lots of plans and it’s currently on the process.

AddictedToV: Our book blog has yet started recently, but so far we’ve had giveaways and author interviews. We’ll see what more we can offer (:

Era Penera: We do contests, interviews, and giveaways. That’s just as far as I know.

Would you describe your review policy shortly?

TheJay2xA: As you see our review policy is currently under constructions! We still haven’t decided what our review policy would be, but as far as I know our review policy would be as honest as our reviews!

Who is your favorite writer?

TheJay2xa: I have tons! But so far I really love Cassandra Clare, Stephanie Perkins and Beth Revis
AddictedToV: I have a lot. Sidney Sheldon was the first, but I also read works of some amazing authors like Beth Revis, Cassandra Clare, Alyson Noel, Sophie Kinsella, Sara Shepard, Aprylinne Pike, Tabitha Suzuma, Suzanne Collins and so many more!

Era Penera:There are many authors that I really admire. They are Rick Riordan, Cassandra Clare, Suzanne Collins, Stephenie Meyer, Carrie Ryan, Kristin Cashore and probably other authors that I failed to remember or not?

What is your favorite book?

TheJay2xA: I really like City of Bones, If I Stay, Anna and The French Kiss, Across The Universe, The Iron King.

AddictedToV: It’s actually not one single book – there are too many great books out there! Some of them include Across The Universe, The Hunger Games trilogy, Forbidden, Wings, and a whole lot.

Era Penera: I am not so sure which one is better than the other but there are lots of them. And you can probably assume that the books of the authors I listed above are my favorites.

What is your favorite series?

TheJay2xA: The Mortal Instruments Series and The Iron Fey Series

AddictedToV: The Hunger Games.

Era Penera: I think this could have the same answer I’ve written above.

If you’d pick one writer to meet, who would it be? What would you like to talk or ask this writer?

TheJay2xA: Only one? I think I have lots of authors in mind that I really love to meet. It includes Cassandra Clare, Gayle Forman, Stephanie Perkins, Beth Revis, Rachelle Mead, Holly Black… ughh long list. But if I was to really pick one… I think I’ll go for Shakespeare!

AddictedToV: Probably Sidney Sheldon, but since he’s in heaven right now, I’d love to meet Beth Revis. Across The Universe is beyond amazing, and I have sooo many questions about her bright ideas in the book. She also seems approachable so I think that would be cool!

Era Penera: This is a little difficult to answer. I’d probably go for Kristin Cashore. Unlike the other awesome authors that I admire, she’s the one I haven’t found any twitter account to. So she remains a mystery to me. And you may say I could just have to go to her website to know about her but anyway, I’m too lazy for that. Meeting her and asking her about her books would probably get me hyped.

What is your favorite book blog you follow? Why?

TheJay2xA: As I said awhile ago I really look up to Parajunkee! She is just down to earth and she really helps every book blogger with her bookblogging 101 posts, and very she’s very approachable!

AddictedToV: Since I’m kinda new to this stuff, I barely know book blogs yet. But I’m observing and I think Parajunkee is a great blog!

Era Penera: I haven’t done any major blog hopping actually. But I’ve been to some book blogs for any reference or anything that might help me with my reviews. And there’s a blog called “parajunkee” that I like.

What kind of book event would you like to participate?

TheJay2xA: I believe book events are like book signings? Or like the Book Expo… totally guessing! Would love to participate in all book events no questions asked lol

AddictedToV: Is there such an event where you review a particular book, then get a signed copy of the book from the author? Ha, as I said I’m not really familiar to everything yet, but is that too much to ask for? :P I think that would be great (:

Era Penera: I’ve never participated to any book event but if there’s a chance I could, I’d probably for a giveaway. I mean who doesn’t want a free book.


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