Friday, May 13, 2011

BEA 2011 coming soon!

Today’s thoughts are dedicated to the event, which I will not be able to attend this year. Many of my fellow book bloggers and authors I know are going there. And I have to say from the bottom of my heart, that I envy you! Seriously!

Yes, I am talking about BookExpo America, the biggest book fair in the world. It starts 23rd of May and ends 26th of May. There are 9 different concurring events besides that plus a lot of events in different places in New York. One of the events has my special interest – Book Blogger Convention on the 26th of May. You have no idea, how much I’d like to be in New York, US to experience all that!

There are hundreds of authors and speakers participating, hundreds of BEA Conference Sessions, hundreds of author signings, hundreds of Insight Stages events and… 1055!!! (and growing) books at BEA.

There is something to explore to readers, book bloggers, authors, publishers, librarians, booksellers, educators, museums – you name it! The program of the vent is not just big, it’s HUGE! I looked through only few parts of the program – and got totally overwhelmed – even if you’d like to experience few areas or topics – there is so much to choose between. So the planning is definitely a must. I’m sure that people who have visited BEA before are well aware of that. If you don’t plan you will end up just running from one place to another – to find out that you actually missed event what you really wanted to see.

It’s going to be fun to read all the blog posts starting to appear to different blogs reporting directly from BEA and after BEA with all the experiences and emotions from the event.

BEA will also take place next year 5-7 June 2011. Maybe next year…

Anyway, I would like to wish good luck and happy hunting to everybody who is going to participate!


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