Thursday, April 28, 2011

Witch-hunt for writer of erotic novels!

I want to share something with you, that makes me mad and which is seriously disturbing. Author S.M. Reine posted this article in her blog and when I read the full article - I was speechless. The article is about an English teacher writing erotic novels. You can found it here.

Some parents found out about an English teacher writing erotic books and now the witch-hunt has started. I think it is incredibly simple-minded for parents not realizing, that erotic is normal part of human race. We all like it, either we admit it or not.

The writer's name is Judy Mays and she writes perfectly normal erotic books for adults. The fact that she is an English teacher should only be good, because she KNOWS HOW to write. She writes erotic novels in her spare time and my question is, why not?! Judy Mays does not sell her books in the school to juveniles; her books can be bought like all other books in the world - through legal channels for adults.

When I saw the video clip where parents were so shocked, and wanted the school to fire this teacher, I was thinking: what kind of parents are they?

Firstly, kids need to have some kind of sexual knowledge before they start up their own lives. The more educated they are on sexual topics, the less we have unwanted pregnancies, sexual sicknesses etc.

Secondly, Judy Mays does not promote her books for juveniles. She writes legal adult books. There is nothing criminal about it! And if these parents think, that their kids do not think, read or dream about erotic topics - this is just an illusion! Trust me; kids are very smart and quick finding whatever information needed from the big wide internet. To start a witch-hunt due to the fact that Judy Mays is writing erotic novels is (excuse my language) very stupid and ignorant.

What do you think?


  1. Teachers are like everyone else. They have a professional and personal life. If she is not bringing inappropriate material into her classroom, she should be allowed to write what she wants to on her own time. I don't have a problem with it. I will admit that I am also a very conservative mother. I firmly believe though that we need to allow everyone to live their own lives in a way that makes them happy and fulfilled.

  2. I am so glad, that you commented, Lisa! Thank you!
    It's always interesting to hear what people think about these kind of delicate topics.
    The reason why I reacted was that this writer hasn't done anything wrong and yet, there are people condemning her writing. I do understand and agree that there have to be some limits what children are allowed or not allowed to read. Having a 4 year old at home, I would only read books to him which are suitable for his age :)

  3. I read about this bit of news a few days ago, and it reminded me of an old movie in which the principal of a school wrote erotica (10 Things I Hate About You). I found it interesting and it gives her some credentials as an English teacher that she may actually know what she's talking about. Unfortunately, all those parents see is "scandalous sexual behavior." It's very easy and typical of the human race to find fault in others instead of looking for fault in oneself. I have to ask if any of those parents had any clue about the English curriculum before this was revealed, and how many have bothered to look into the English curriculum since then.
    While erotica certainly is a valid genre of literature, most people still classify it in the same category as Playboy magazines and internet porn - something to be ashamed of and keep hidden. I am a conservative Christian, but I have read erotica and I am not ashamed to talk about it, and my favorite author uses erotica in her literature, though she is not classified under erotica. (Jacqueline Carey)
    Plus, the American culture is completely saturated with over-sexuality - just look at some of the newest movies or music videos (Lady Gaga's Born This Way, or the flick Love and Other Drugs). If I had a kid in that teacher's class, I'd use the opportunity to bring up a conversation about erotica in literature with my child, Scandal has a way of making things more fun to talk about lol.

  4. Thank you Rachel for coming by and leaving a comment!
    I do agree, that modern society is overloaded with sexuality, at the same time it's a fact, that sex sells. I am not here to judge if it's good or bad, I think the topic is much more wider. What I was astonished about is that people still consider erotica being equal with pornography.

  5. I have read about this before and it made me just as mad before. If school districts and parents don't want teachers moonlighting as authors of erotic books they should pay them better wages so that they can afford to just teach.