Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Purpose by Kristie Cook

Purpose (Soul Savers Series)

I really liked Kristie Cook's first book Promise and was excited to start reading the second book. I started reading it Monday evening late and I had severe difficulties not reading it throughout the whole night. I got my sleep and finished it on Tuesday. I loved this book!

Goodreads review: Purpose

Purpose starts 7 years after Tristan had to leave Alexis. They had a very short honeymoon, which was interrupted by Daemoni attack. Alexis is still waiting Tristan to return. After 7 long years, her mind is getting very tormented and dark. She is not willing to believe that Tristan is dead even though for 7 long years she has not seen or heard anything about him. Even when she sees a video of somebody killing Tristan, she still has faith that Tristan will return.

The pressure from outside to Alexis for moving on gets bigger, the council is still hoping that Alexis will also give a birth to a girl who could take a lead of Amadis. Alexis only wants Tristan.

I loved the way writer developed Alexis' character. Alexis grows stronger as a woman, as Amadis. I loved the way the writer described Alexis' internal dialogues and that writer showed Alexis as a complex person with many aspects. I loved that there were several Alexis - the good, the evil, the confused, the foggy. It showed her like a real person with human feelings, doubts, pain and love.

Dorian was absolutely adorable, so sweet and sincere. The scene when he meets his daddy was heartbreakingly beautiful. It made me cry.

I also loved that we got more to know about Owen, I think it was interesting part of the plot.

The only thing which seemed little flat, was the description Tristan gave Alexis about what he did these 7 years. It sounded too easy, too flat. Luckily it didn't ruin my opinion of the book. Tristan made it all good at the sexy and hot parts of the book :)
Ending of the book was interesting. What will happen to Dorian? I would love to know. I am really hoping that the writer will continue writing about them.

Absolute 5 star book!!!!


  1. Thanks again for reading! Poor Tristan...he really didn't want to relive all that for Alexis, but wanted to put it all behind him. So glad you're enjoying the series. =D

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