Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Looks Forward

I hope that everybody had a nice weekend, I certainly did!!

Monday Looks Forward is about the coming week, what books I will be reading and what book related posts and events you will see in my blog during the coming week. I like planning ahead!

On Wednesday the wonderful Hoppy Easter Eggstravaganza Blog Hop will start. Me and my blog will also participate with two good giveaways to receive. The Hoppy Eggstravaganza Blog hop will last from 20th till 25th of April. So from Wednesday till next Monday you simply must do some blog hopping. I am absolutely sure it will be lot of fun to read different blogs. I am definitely looking forward to it! Luckily I have 3 days off, so there is plenty of time to go and explore other blogs.

There will be reviews of two-three books during this week. Today was a really good blogger's day! I got 2 books for reviewing and since these are books received directly from the author/publisher you can imagine how happy I am! Besides that, it is a first time I contacted the author directly and got acceptance. So lots of fun reading and writing. What else can make a book blogger happier than get the trust from writers and publishers?! I am so happy!

Besides that I will be reading a galley received from !!! There are first times for everything!

To finish my happy babbling about writers, books and reviewing, the last news are that one debut author  SM Reine whose book Six Moon Summer will be published towards the end of this month agreed to give an interview! I was amazed by her blog and page - there are so many good articles and posts on her blog!

Too many good books to read and too little time! So I'd better go and start reading!


  1. I wondered who the Estonian was Reine talked about in Twitter. ^^

    Put your blog on follow.

    Greetings from across the sea. :)

  2. You on Twitter? Didn't find a button.

  3. Hi!
    Oh, you are from Finland!! You are my first Finnish reader. Tervetuloa!
    So glad you found my "beginner-blog"! i have big plans with this blog :)

    You can find me on Twitter:!/IngaSilberg

    I still need to add both Twitter, FB and Goodreads buttons here.