Friday, April 22, 2011

Designing your blog - is everything allowed these days?

As you can see I am really in the mood of blogging today :)

Since I am networking my blog a lot these days, I ended up on a site where there are lots of other book bloggers as myself. After I joined this interesting club of other bloggers and writers, I started to get emails asking to come and visit their blogs and also emails from aspiring writers who asked for reviews. One of the emails I received was very interesting and I thought, OK, let's take a look at her blog and especially her writing.

When I opened her "two-in-one" book and author blog, I was mildly said shocked. What shocked me mostly was a design of her blog. I was thinking - WHAT the heck is THAT?!!!??

What I saw, and that was before I even intended to read how she writes, was the design of her blog. It was literally ugly, bloody, without any taste or tone. It was literally atrocious. You can believe me when I am saying that I am very tolerant and open-minded towards lot of things, this was simply too much even for me. Pictures of bloody dead people, bloody alive persons, bloody babies. I have nothing against pictures of dead people, but you can show them in much more beautiful frames compared to what I saw on this blog.

Of course, I have to mention here that this young writer was writing horror stories, but still, the design of her blog was not horrifying, it was simply ugly to look at. I have seen several blogs of the writers who do write books in the same genre, but the design of these blogs have been artful, beautiful, little creepy, but still tasteful.

Call me snobby or picky, but I never made to her writing. I found her blog so incredibly distasteful, than I decided not to read her stories. I am not sorry about that. I think there are some things what you simply do not do while designing your blog. I wrote a polite email to her, that thank you for offering me to review your writing, but I found you blog design being offensive.

I thought this would NEVER happen to me, that I will not read stories which might have a great potential in the future and that it was design of the blog which stopped me. But it did.

I will not mention the name of the aspiring writer and her blog, because I hope that she learned just a little from my feedback and that MAYBE there are people in the big fantastic world who will like her blog. I simply couldn't.

That brings me to the topic I wanted to touch in this blog post: Design of the blogs. Some of you might think: Hey, stop it right there, your blog has no design what so ever, so what are you complaining about? Firstly, I am working on the design of my blog and secondly, I would rather have no design at all than having very very very distastefully designed blog!

So people - bloggers, writers, designers - my call to you today is that when you create something, try to have at least some taste. If you are a writer and want people to read what you write, then THINK before you design your blog. You might lose important readers, publishers etc before they even reach your writing because of the design of your blog. Ask for some professional designer help, especially when you want readers to reach you. You can design ugly things beautifylly. It would work much better for all your potential readers!


  1. I completely agree with everything you've said! A blogs design shouldn't be 'ugly' as you say ...a great post :)