Thursday, March 3, 2011

What book would you take with you to vacation?!?

I have a tough decision to make. Next Sunday I am going for two weeks of vacation to Egypt and I have no clue what book/books to take with me.
It should be easy to read, not too heavy to put into my luggage and suitable for so called summer reading (warmth, palm trees and beaches).

Don't you worry, I am not planning to read 24/7 in two weeks, but also enjoy my vacation. Still, I need to have something to read with me!

What books would you take with you for vacation? Looking forward to some exciting suggestions :)


  1. Knowing that you are not hardcore programmer I don't suggest you books I would read in vacation. But there is one simpler book that describes our area - Why Software Sucks by David Platt ( It is one of the funniest IT-books I have ever read but the topic is serious. I waited my "next flight" to Estonia about week in Athens with this book :)

  2. I checked it up again in amazon. It got pretty good reviews.
    Unfortunately they don't have Kindle version, so I wouldn't be able to get it before my vacation :(
    I have added it to my list of to-be-read.

  3. I'd suggest you take something old, good and easily readable.
    I bet you don't want to take too many books with you so the book shouldn't be TOO interesting. Otherwise you'll read it through in a couple of days.

    Or just watch Black Books on your computer ;)